During my meditation today, I had a clear picture of the Earth and how its gravity keeps us close and safe. My mind created an image of the Earth’s core being, a heart, and how it is this space that generates the heavy love that keeps us grounded. This image was profound, I know that it is not scientific in nature, but a clear example of how love holds us together.

The next phase of this meditation was an image of myself, with my own heart creating a gravity field, drawing others to me and holding them in safety and care. The stronger and deeper my love the stronger and deeper the pull. Loving this way gives others stability, grounding and the potential for growth. The Earth is not selfish, she does not make distinctions between living and non-living, good or bad. All are held in the same sweet grip of gravity, all being drawn towards the heart. This love is both passive and active. The passive aspect is your embodiment of love, How are you love in your life? Do you radiate acceptance, care, kindness, and peace? The active aspect of love is, of course, action. How do you demonstrate love? Another thing to consider is the quality of your own core. The earth’s core is still mostly speculation, however when we think of our core, our heart center, is it whole?

The quality of our love gravity field has to do with the quality of love we carry. This starts with you. Do you love yourself? When we begin the journey to our own core, it starts with forgiveness, acceptance, and love. We cannot give away what we do not have. Can you give water from an empty well? When we desire to bring love into this world, it must come from a place where love overflows. Loving yourself is planting a seed that will bear fruit to be shared with others.

A good way of doing this is by identifying how you care for others and turning some of that attention on to yourself. Do you enjoy giving gifts, time, and service to others? What would it look like for you to do that for yourself?

Improving the health and wholeness of your heart core will strengthen your gravity field and draw others into your space which has the potential to change them. As we live our lives we have the capacity to influence others in a big way. Your gravity of love has the capacity to provide space for others to feel that there is possibility and hope. Share it.

The love that we carry can be felt by those around us, just as anger, hate, and judgment can also be felt. We can feel when someone is at odds with themselves, are unhappy and self-loathing. This is why in order to cultivate love in the world, we must always begin with ourselves.

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