By all accounts, I’ve wallowed in a stagnant depression for years—but recently, I’ve had an abundance of motivation to create. Sure, I did things: attended events, helped to build and launch this blog. My life was full of small accomplishments. However, something important was missing for me until I learned how to use DIY to cultivate creative practices in my life.

Believe it or not, a lot of my drive to create through DIY has come from the simple act of rearranging my living room.

It was such a simple thing—to move our TV out of the living room—but as a freelancer, it made all the difference. Instead of spending my days watching reality TV shows and waiting for work to roll in magically, I found myself creating. I was cooking more, crafting more, and finding more joy in the day to day. 

This is an age-old practice. Many creatives use incentives like prompts to help propel them. As a writer, something like a writing prompt can get your mind going when you’re drawing a blank. It’s fun and liberating to let yourself become immersed in an idea that isn’t even your own because it becomes yours. At first, it’s a no-stakes game because it’s just an exercise. Eventually, you feel attached. What you’ve built in your mind and on paper has depth and meaning to you. The same can be said for all other creative practices.

I was able to pull myself out of a rut using online DIY tutorials, telling my myself I would do one each day.

Having enough tools and materials at home, I knew that I could make almost anything work; I was motivated, it was just the incentive and direction I was lacking. It worked! The inspiration came almost instantly. The more I created, the more abundant my imagination and creativity became. I could feel ideas spring forward into my mind. By proving to myself that I could do it, I had unlocked something fantastic.

There are DIY prompts for almost every creative, craft, and field. Whatever your existing skill-set is, find that niché, apply yourself, and learn by doing!

As a part of our mission here at IAAH, we want to inspire you to live your best life…whatever that looks like for you. My best is not your best, and your best isn’t mine. We believe that together—with shared experience and knowledge— we all have something to offer one another to help reach our goals, and then the next.

I want to live in my zenith, don’t you?

As we continue to grow creativity, emotionally, and spiritually, we intend to share the tools that we use to get there. Some of the experiences may be failures while others will be successes, and we’ll grow from each. We hope it inspires you to share your own tips and tricks with us as well, in the comments, on social media, and in person (if we should be so lucky). We are stronger together, always. 

What DIY or tutorial have you been curious about trying? Is there a reason you’re holding back? Let us know in the comments if there’s a tutorial you’d be interested in seeing on I Am A Healer.

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  • Taylor Eubanks

    “learn by doing!”
    This is such a great lesson to share! It’s easy, for me at least, to be intimidated into procrastination. Or FEAR completely stalling goals, dreams, work. I think you’re right, that whether an endeavor is successful or not, it can always be used as a learning experience. That in and of itself is great motivation, with the right attitude.

    Thanks for sharing this, and furthering motivation through inspiration!

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