Have you already mastered bringing bags to the market? Here are some other tips to shop greener.

1. SHARING IS CARING! Notice someone in line at the grocery store forgot their bags? Give away your extra shopping bags. How else can you share and be green?

2. BE VEGAN OR VEGETARIAN for a day or two a week, if you’re not already! By eating a more plant-based diet you save so much of the planet’s precious resources. One day of eating a plant-based diet saves 11,000 gallons of water, 30 square feet of forest, 1 animals life, 40 lbs. of grain, and 20 lbs. of co2 (resourced from the vegan calculator).

3. PRODUCE BAGS Instead of using plastic produce bags buy a set of reusable produce bags, they help keep your goodies fresh too! 

4. CONSUME LESS Take a moment and think, “Is what I’m about to buy something I value?” In her book, Money a Love Story, Kate Northrup suggests that you should only spend money on the things you truly value. Are your purchases in alignment with who you are or with what you actually want in life? Perhaps, you value experiences but over indulge in crappy food cravings when you want to be healthy? Next time, when you get a hankering for Flaming Hots because you just can’t deal, maybe set aside those couple of dollars for your road trip fund instead?

5. WHO AND WHAT ARE YOU INVESTING YOUR MONEY IN? Do a little research on the companies you invest your dollars in the most. Do their values mirror yours? What policies do those businesses invest in? Remember you vote with your money. Don’t forget how much power you yield.

6. BYOS Bring Your Own STUFF! Have a tote in your car that has a mug for hot beverages (stainless steel or ceramic, if there are any plastic bits BPA and BPS free), steel or glass water bottle, and cutlery for meals on the go. This will keep you conscious of the waste you produce daily and aware of how much more you can cut back.

7. BORROW OR UP-CYCLE CLOTHES if you need an outfit for an event or can’t find a stitch to wear. Instead of buying a new outfit, call a friend (idea from Minimalism Documentary). If you have a friend that is a burgeoning fashion designer, perhaps they can recreate a new outfit from your old clothes? Think more about how you can resource what you already have rather than assuming you need to buy more! Be creative, DIY!

8. STAY AWAY FROM PLASTIC! Overall, most plastics are basically toxic. Even if it’s BPA free! There are other toxic chemicals like BPS and phthalates that are just as harmful. And, when plastic is heated it’s especially damaging. Like when we go to our fave cafe and order our hot vegan cocoa to go, we sip through plastic tops that release toxic chemicals straight into our bodies (another good reason to BYOS, some places even give you a discount). Our most sensitive organs are our glands, the thyroid, and adrenal glands. They take the greatest hit from these toxins, which have been known to cause endocrine and auto-immune disorders! YIKES! Think about where plastic is in your life and try to keep it way from your body. 

9. GREEN CLEANING Did you know we are exposed to thousands of toxins daily, and most of them are found in our own homes?! Be aware of mold, and look up how to properly clean it. Throw away toxic cleaners! Usually, the rule of thumb is whatever you have near or use on your body you should be able to eat it, it shouldn’t kill you!

10. DO YOUR RESEARCH As consumers we assume many things. Doing a little bit of research on products and items you use daily can greatly impact your next purchase. Because maybe you assume if something is organic that means it’s perfect. But, organic crops for instance still receive pesticides, they’re just USDA Organic approved pesticides, so always wash all fruit and veg thoroughly. 


I know all this information is overwhelming! Baby steps, do what feels comfortable to you. For me it was viscerally understanding we are all connected and it’s the little things we do every day that has the greatest impact!

What kind of impact do you want to make for yourself, your loved ones, the world?

Also, If you have any tips to share, please do! Comment below.


“I am always connected to everyone. I am in the process of improving my thoughts and actions to better serve!” 




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