I created a “follow your heart for 30 days experiment” to satiate a hankering, to appease the realization that I was beginning to disconnect with myself. Because as of late, following my heart has become a bit of a struggle. Which is weird considering my heart has always been and continues to be, “Dead on balls accurate.  …It’s an Industry term.” I mean, I’ve never heard anyone say, my heart was wrong about that one!

So why do we do it? Why ignore this unrelenting wisdom that continues to pour through every cell of our being? I admit, I’ve hushed my heart to give somebody a “chance,” or because I was lazy and action was being demanded, or that I needed to quit a job but was afraid to. Finally, I had had enough! I decided that no matter what, I would listen this time and this is what I learned.

From my heart to yours:

  • JUST BREATH, so very deeply. Long, steady breaths. Why? Thankfully a TedTalk later explained that when you breathe slowly your body is no longer in a fight or flight state. You can’t be in danger and breath slowly. Slow breaths drop cortisol levels (the stress hormone) which minimize unnecessary weight gain, curbs anxiety, lowers blood pressure, enables focus, the amazing list of benefits goes on. – And, another lesson within the lesson is the messages you receive will lead you to why it’s SO important to listen.
  • Journal daily your heart will have a platform to freely speak its truth.
  • Take yourself out on hot dates! Dress up like you are meeting the person of your dreams and make a plan that feels exciting, fun, and sensual! Awaken the parts of you that have been ignored.
  • Meditate, even more, that means 2 times a day for me! If you have been meditating for a while already, perhaps it’s time to up your game? Ask your heart for what it needs today.
  • SAY NO! Saying no does not instantly make you a bad, inconsiderate person. If you say yes to something or allow something to happen and you immediately feel terrible, ask your heart why. Perhaps you need help identifying your boundaries? My boundaries became stronger and more apparent when I was frequently exercising my right to say no. People who impose themselves on you will become more evident and easier to point out.
  • Honor feelings of discomfort, don’t ignore them. Address any and all feelings that come up. This may seem incredibly overwhelming at first, but if you’re disciplined about it you will cut down tremendously on emotional eating, excess stress, tension in the body and worry. Ignoring your feelings will create a home somewhere within you that can be detrimental to your health so don’t ignore the hurts of your heart.
  • Forgiveness and facing big hurts. Past wounds came up that I thought were “dealt with.” I honored the residual suffering by giving it attention. I loved myself back to feeling safe exactly where I am now and not where I think I should be. I sat with the discomfort until I worked through it. Give yourself time to feel bad.
  • Being alone is not a curse. Being single or allowing for alone time gives you the grace to fully commit to becoming your greatest version without including anyone else’s “needs” in the picture (Infinite Waters). When you’re in your own company gifts of self-realization and self-empowerment are at your disposal. You realize your potential. Wants and desires become crystal clear, which then enlightens you to your own divine power. A power that can bring your thoughts into existence.
  • When you listen more you are gifted with inspired thought. Instead of facing the normal mindless chatter, new thoughts and ideas will pop into your mindscape, inspiring divine action.
  • Become open to receiving. When you ask for something, shift into vibrational alignment for receiving it. (Abraham Workshop 1/23/17) How would you feel if you got exactly what you asked for? Connect yourself to the feelings of pulling these wants and desires into your existence. 
  • Treat yourself like a guest of honor. I wrote a sign on my door that reminded me how important I am. “A Goddess lives here so act accordingly.” It was a friendly nudge to keep my place clean, create a habitat for loving thoughts, making an effort to maintain a space suitable for a guest of honor, me. You are the most important person in your life, treating others better than yourself blocks you from the ablilty to give more of yourself.
  • Listen to your body. The body is in constant communication with you. Mindfulness connects you with this dialogue and allows you to respond.
  • My heart challenged the limiting beliefs and behaviors I had created.
  • Living an inauthentic life becomes unbearable. Build the life you want by surrounding yourself with the things you want. Meaning, create the life you want by utilizing the resources you have now, be creative.
  • Make your joy a priority.
  • Pinpoint what’s holding you back. Become aware of the blocks that are stopping you from living the life you want to live. Once I knew what was holding me back an avalanche of new ideas came flowing in, now nothing is stopping me unless I let it.
  • Keep integrity, reaccess and check your values. Are you living up to them or speaking from automatic pilot? Live authentically so check-in constantly because we are always changing.
  • Understand what you are actually giving NOT what you think you are giving. Identify what you would like to contribute and stay true to that.
  • Doing “the work” can be lonely. Don’t put the brakes on your self-development because you may feel like no one gets you. Be your best support!
  • Create a list of your resources: people, places, books, so you may always feel supported. There is more for you than against you.
  • Surround yourself with champions, the people you want to be like. Look for them and ask for their advice. What is their story? What did it take for them to get to where you want to be?
  • New streams of intuition will be available to you: dreams, inner guidance, people, synchronicities, opportunities… Don’t miss out on life-changing help, keep open.
  • Don’t get comfortable in life, constantly assess where you’re at and make sure to get back on track.
  • How you react to everyday experiences can be rooted from dysfunctional childhood experiences. Do some excavating to get some answers if you’re chronically reacting to experiences in a negative way. Don’t suffer in life because you are always reacting to things. Take action and responsibility. Don’t let yourself off the hook. It is not about self-blame it is self-awareness. Playing victim does not serve anyone, you are always in power when you are aware.
  • Listen more often than not.
  • Personal truths will reveal themselves to you. One of my truths: I don’t need to be broken to be loved.
  • There is NOTHING to be afraid of
  • Game-changing questions will appear: What would I feel like if I thought people liked me?
  • Trying to be someone else doesn’t work.
  • Know what your heart is saying at its core. I learned that I just want to be loved and accepted exactly as I am.
  • Following your heart connects you to reality, to what is actually happening rather than what you believe to be happening, dismantling distorted perceptions because of past beliefs systems.
  • Everything is repairable, so don’t ever feel like something can’t be fixed.
  • Get out of your way
  • Stop listening to others before yourself
  • Get rid of things you don’t need! In your mind, body, soul, environment, etc.
  • Expectation dissolves, when you live from your heart you are acting and experiencing your basic truths. There is no attachment to a certain outcome. You become a free being.

In Conclusion:

Follow your heart because your personal truths will announce themselves. From this experiment, I was able to conclude one simple idea: Listening to my heart uncovers the blocks that are keeping me from living and experiencing the life that I want and deserve. Which gives me a chance to heal myself by being aware of these obstacles, shifting me from resistance to acceptance.

Action: Listen to your heart

Create awareness by tuning into your higher consciousness, allow that voice to be your guide, not the voices that make you believe you are less than. Ask yourself, What is my heart saying? Is there a step you’re being guided to take? Or are you ignoring these calls to action, an action that you know will get you closer to what you truly want?  Allow your heart to speak freely without judgment. What is really stopping you from honoring your heart?


Read these two affirmations together and often to develop a new pattern of thinking and to grant acknowledgment that creating new levels of awareness is not always easy.

“I am ready to receive the wisdom of my heart, to be vulnerable and take action!”

“Because I am human, I get off track sometimes, but I can always get back on.” Christiane Northrop, M.D.


What is your heart dying for you to do? Please share below!

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