To raise your vibration you must either live a certain way or use mindfulness techniques. Some of this is dependent on how you treat your body. In other ways, it’s dependent on how you treat others. Most of all, it’s dependent on how you treat yourself. According to the Law of Attraction, the world is simply a reflection of our thoughts, fears, and desires. This is how the Law of Attraction is defined by Wikipedia:

The law of attraction is the name given to the maxim “like attracts like” which in New Thought philosophy is used to sum up the idea that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life.[1][2] This belief is based upon the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from “pure energy”, and the belief that like energy attracts like energy.

Now this isn’t the exact definition that I would give, but it’s the one you’d find in the top spot on Google, so there it is. Understanding The Law ofAttraction can help you to raise your vibration!

The concept seems easy enough, right? Just think happy thoughts, and you’ll have your every wish granted. Skeptic or not, who wouldn’t try something requiring such little effort with so much to gain?

Unfortunately, there aren’t that many peer-reviewed articles on the subject of The Law of Attraction, how to raise your vibration, or working with higher vibrational thoughts and practices. However, mounting evidence and research exist in the form of Quantum Physics that support claims that The Law of Attraction works.

The best way to get The Law of Attraction to work for you is to expect that it will. Put yourself in a frame of mind where you fully expect to receive that which you want. When you set higher expectations for yourself, you are raising your vibration and the energy that you’re putting out into the universe. Not only that but since your thoughts manifest in the physical realm, it’s imperative that you resist obsessing or dwelling on all the things you don’t want, lest you will them into existence!

High feelings and emotions like joy, elation, love, excitement/ enthusiasm are all high on the vibrational scale while negative feelings of jealousy, sadness, frustration, and anger are quite low on the vibrational scale. Using mindfulness to raise your vibration can improve ever facet of your life. Look at the people in your life and test the theory of The Law of Attraction for yourself. Are your optimistic and giddy friends often hitting another stroke of luck while the people around you that have a negative vibe about them keep striking out? Hmm…

Keep reading for tips on staying mindful throughout your everyday and 12 Amazing Ways You Can Raise Your Vibration Today.

Positivity & Affirmations

Sometimes it’s hard to convince ourselves that “everything is going to be okay.” If you’re facing some hard times or adversity, you might be reading this thinking that you could never think positively. How are you expected to convince the universe of  something that you don’t believe? Consequently, it can feel false and contrived at first to use affirmations, especially if you’re more of a Daria, like myself, but it IS possible, and I’m going to show you how.

An affirmation is a form of emotional encouragement, generally in the shape of self-love/ self-help that can help to raise your vibration (and confidence!). An affirmation does just what it’s name promises; it affirms something to be true. Affirmations should be three things: Present, Positive, and Personal.

My brother and I just started a 30-Day Affirmation Challange today! He lives states away from me, and so it’s hard to find time to encourage one another in a way that seems meaningful. So every day for a month we’re going to send each other an affirmation each morning when we wake up. The affirmation he sent me today will be what I focus on for that day.

Having someone else give you an affirmation can help instill more confidence if that’s something you struggle with. It might seem less forced or made-up at first if you have someone supporting you.

Here is an affirmation resource on our site.

Dilean also does a fantastic job of ending each of her posts with an affirmation.

Motivational Quotes

“There is no ‘I’ in ‘Team’!” We’ve all seen that poster. Those aren’t the quotes I’m talking about, not exactly. However, reading motivational quotes or excerpts can be a tremendous help to get and keep your head in the game and raise your vibration. On days I’m struggling with depression or motivation, I often scroll through a positive account or hashtag online. I see others fulfilling promises to themselves or being successful, and I want to mirror their actions. I find it to be helpful when I’m feeling down and you might as well.

Here is a cool resource I found with a lot of quotes.

You can also search #inspirationalquotes#inspiration, or #quotes on Instagram.



Colors are hugely important to us as humans and they’re also a great tool to raise your vibration. We study them through art and design, trying to determine which color combinations and practices elicit certain emotions or communicate a message. We’ve had hundreds (maybe thousands) of studies already that demonstrate how our minds are affected by color combinations. For example, the one everyone knows is that the combination of yellow and red is supposed to trigger hunger in the mind, which explains McDonald’s, In n’ Out, and Carl’s Jr’s logos (to name a few).

Each color corresponds to an energy center in the body called a chakra. Colors have their own distinct vibration—since colors are light and light is energy—using colors that are suited to your intention will allow you to harness all the potential of the frequency/ vibration. Harnessing and understanding your personal vibration and how that affects and is affected by your environment is a life changing event. More so, you will move up into the world where you are open and free to create your reality with intention and confidence.

But…what is color?

The visible light spectrum is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and its wavelengths range approximately from 390 – 740 nm.

Color is a wave traveling through space just like X-Rays, gamma rays, and radio waves! Depending on the length of the wave (wavelength) and the space that the valley’s take up—measured in nanometers (nm)—our eyes register different colors.

The colors of the visible light spectrum[1]
color Wavelength
Red ~ 700–635 nm ~ 430–480 THz
Orange ~ 635–590 nm ~ 480–510 THz
Yellow ~ 590–560 nm ~ 510–540 THz
Green ~ 560–520 nm ~ 540–580 THz
Blue ~ 520–490 nm ~ 580–610 THz
Indigo ~ 490–450 nm ~ 610–670 THz
Violet ~ 450–400 nm ~ 670–750 THz


Moving down the Chakra’s, colors vibrate and speak to the following:

1. Crown Chakra “Sahasrara” (Purple or White): The chakra, closest to Source is associated with ascension, wholeness, completeness, enlightenment, spirituality, and connection with Source Energy. Violet is the color of spirituality. It has the shortest wavelength of the colors and, as a result, the highest vibration of the colors we can see (in the visible spectrum of light).

2. Third Eye Chakra “Anja” (Indigo/Very Dark Blues): Intuition, dreams, psychic ability, night. Indigo color energy is an energy of profound change and transformation. Through opening this chakra you can use this chakra to raise the vibrations of your other lower chakras.

3. Throat Chakra “Vishuddha” (Blue): This chakra rules communication, speech, hearing, peace, guidance. Blue is the color of the sky (as we see it) and as such it reminds us of otherworldly things like heaven. This chakra connects us to the divine and to our deepest wishes.

4. Heart Chakra “Anahata” (Green or Pink): Balance, Love, Calming, Growth. Green is the energy of love and transformation from which you can build healthy and nourishing relationships, giving and receiving love.

5. Solar Plexus/Naval Chakra “Manipura” (Yellow): Power, Intelligence, Will, Personal Power. Yellow connects you with your intellect and innate knowledge. People who are drawn to yellow are typically drawn to intellectual pursuits, careers, company, and hobbies.

6. Sacral Chakra “Swadhisthana” (Orange): Sexuality, creativity. Orange energy is very sensual and creative color. In addition, orange power is very spiritual because it helps to convert prana or chi into energy that can be used by the body.

7. Root Chakra “Muladhara” (Red, Brown, Black, or Gray): Survival, protection, being grounded. Red focuses all of our attention and energy forward as it pulls our eye towards it. Also, red is the slowest of all the wavelengths within the visible spectrum.

Regardless of the vibrational frequency of a color, there are no bad or good colors. Each can be used as a tool in its way and has likely impacted your life and decisions more than you realize. To use color to your advantage, you must understand the basics of the chakra energy system as well as what’s within the visual spectrum for humans.

It’s also important to realize that you already know how to understand and interpret color. If you start feeling a certain kind of way about a color, listen to that intuition! You may decide to visualize white light while meditating—a common pratice—but all of a sudden you’re struck with the feeling that white will not get you closer to Source. This may be your guide or intuition telling you to broaden or narrow your focus. Furthermore, If you’re called to surround yourself in orange or eat something orange you might need to focus on your sexual energies or break through a creative slump. Always listen to your inner guides to find new and relevant ways to interpret these tools as they apply to you.


Healing crystals are getting credit lately in mindful communities and with people looking to homeopathic and alternative medicines to heal themselves from the inside out. Crystals have their own geometric vibrations that mimic and match human vibrations from our energy centers (chakras).

A simple way to use crystals to raise your vibration as a beginner is to relate them to the chakras and visible spectrum. You can wear gemstones and crystals as part of jewelry pieces, you can carry a stone or a combination of stones with you in your pocket, you can create a charm or spell around a sachet that you can keep under your pillow. You can even put crystals and gemstones in water to infuse the liquid. During meditation, I lay down and place a crystal on the corresponding chakra that I’m focused on (such as using a clear quartz or amethyst on the forehead).


First of all, Crystals and Gems are like little energetic vortexes. They can absorb the energy of their surroundings and of the people who touch them. For that reason, you should typically ask before reaching out and grabbing someone’s crystal jewelry to examine. Cleaning and charging your crystals will keep them vibrating and the highest frequency they can and is a responsible practice of gemstone care.

  1. You can cleanse your stones in running water. A body of water with a current—like a river—is preferable. You can also just do it by using your sink to run water over the stones
  2. You can bury your stone in sea salt
  3. A sea salt bath/ soak for around 7 hours and up to 4 days (only use this method if you’re confident that your stone is not sensitive to salt)
  4. Smudging with sage or frankincense incense. You can smudge the crystal for 3-10 minutes using a purifying incense or smudge of choice and a feather fan (so you don’t end up fanning your hands and body in the negative energies emitting from the crystal)
  1. I almost exclusively charge my crystals under the full moon. I find that that schedule works well for me to rotate through various stones before having to cleanse and recharge them. Use the Full Moon to represent endings and a New Moon for beginnings.
  2. You can charge the crystal or gem in Yang energy by setting it in the light of the Sun. Do this for as short or as long as necessary depending on the reduced energy levels. If someone else has been using your crystal, I would consider a couple of days at minimum.
  3. Naturally, many crystals can charge themselves if cleansed properly. In addition, a simple way to ensure they do would be to place your stones outside to charge under the sky, while also ensuring their placement near or in a thriving place of nature.
  4. Use a naturally charging stone such as quartz or selenite to charge your other crystals and stones. Either place the crystal you need to charge on top of a large piece of quartz or selenite or surround it in smaller pieces to form a circle. Leave for 24 hours.
  5. Use Reiki or a sound bath to charge your stones.
  6. Bury your stones in the ground for 24 hours- 7 days to ground your stone. This can be an excellent compliment to the salt burying process of cleansing.


We’ve written pretty extensively on meditation and mindfulness on the site thus far. In large we believe that meditation is paramount not only to raise your vibration but to everyone’s mental health and wellness. There are so many benefits even if you aren’t one to subscribe to other New-Agey things. I won’t get into the details because if you’re on the site you’re likely to already know the benefits, but I will say that the benefits are comprehensive of your whole being. You will improve spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically through a regular meditation practice. Here is a Forbes.com article on the scientifically proven benefits of meditation.

Now, there are many ways to meditate, and I’ve never met anyone who does it exactly the same way. Even using guided meditation doesn’t promise that your experience will be the same as someone else’s, and that’s okay. The level of elation and openness that you feel during your meditations is yours alone. Sometimes I meditate while I walk, sometimes I meditate while I run. If I can’t sleep, sometimes I’ll do a meditation to relax into sleep. Often, I use a mantra or meditation as part of my magick. When I meditate, sometimes my feet are flat on the ground while other times I sit in lotus position. I lay on my back sometimes too and sometimes I might be covered in crystals. I might even be in the bath.

What I’m trying to say is, there are many ways to meditate to raise your vibration, and they’re all correct. My husband even meditates with his eyes open. Your options are vast, so don’t be afraid to jump in and experiment with what works for you.

Here’s a great explanation of how to Light Source meditation from Rebecca Campbell’s site! She’s the author of Light is the New Black (an amazing piece that’s also featured on our resources page)!


  • Rub your hands together (activating the heart chakra).
  • Rest your hands palm up on your lap, noticing the subtle pulse that has been activated in the center of my palms.
  • Imagine a beautiful channel of white light streaming down from the heavens into the crown of your head. Allow this bright supporting light to fill up your entire being and open your heart. Hand over all of your concerns, worries, struggles, goals, hopes, dreams and any darkness to be replenished by the light. Breathe and receive the beautiful light energy from Source. Breathe and allow yourself to be supported. Breathe and allow yourself to be filled up. Breathe and allow yourself to be nurtured. Breathe and allow yourself to come home. Breathe and allow yourself to light up.

You don’t need to worry about your mind being quiet or sitting still for hours. All you need to do is to open your heart, breathe and receive the beautiful energy washing over and into you from the heavens.

I’m a big believer in morning practice as sleep is one big meditation and then if we practice as soon as we wake up we can maximize this high frequency (rather than reaching straight for our phones and switching into our minds/fear energies).


  1. Positive Affirmations
  2. Mediation
  3. Hug someone
  4. Deep eye gazing with a partner
  5. Dance to your favorite song
  6. Try deep breathing techniques such as a 5-Count Breath
  7. Work with Crystal Healing and the Chakras
  8. Light Source
  9. Enjoy some raw foods or a juice
  10. Excercise. Getting your blood pumping will lower your resting heart rate and improve your overall health
  11. Do some release work. Say no to something you don’t want to do or forgive someone you’ve been holding anger towards.
  12. Ground yourself by walking barefoot or sticking your feet in the dirt or sand.

I’ve also created this list of quick links to read on everything mentioned above:

















In conclusion, I hope you’ve enjoyed this comprehensive article on 12 Amazing Ways You Can Raise Your Vibration Today. Please comment and share! Blessed be <3

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