Yes, please! Speak up! Your unique voice does have the power to change EVERYTHING! Especially today, our voice can carry for miles and outlive us all. Our words can change our present circumstance, our relationships, our attitudes, our day, the people around us, our place in society. At any moment we can pivot or shift any experience through the power of our words! But we already know this! We have talked about this before.

So, what about the dialogue we are facing as women, FEMINA, today? Are we speaking up? Are we participating? Whether you’re part of the conversation or not, women are shifting. And, this new malleable energy is all around us. I know you can feel it. There is so much power to embrace. The energy is pliable; we can seduce it, shape it, manipulate how women will be represented. All this power starts with the words we choose. How will you participate?

How do you want to use your voice? Are you afraid to speak up? Let’s unwrap this a bit together.

Some Things to Think About:

Take some time to look over these questions. Maybe you can journal your answers? Or practice speaking up the answer by commenting below. Be honest with yourself. Dig a little. Know where you stand so you can continue to move forward confidently. Don’t worry you’re not alone in this we are all here, together.

How often to you vocalize your thoughts and desires?

Are you someone who speaks their truth? Who is not afraid to say what is on their mind?

Do you feel that what you have to say is of value?

Are you afraid to share your thoughts or become hesitant to share your insight? If so, why do you think that is?

When you are in a more male dominated setting, do you notice a change in how you speak? Does your body language change, do you cross your arms, blocking your solar plexus (power center under your breast) where do you place your hands?

Some Suggestions:

If you are having trouble speaking up, try doing some throat chakra meditations and exercises. The throat chakra is the blue energy that lives in your throat; it is the center of our creativity. This energy commands and materializes what you desire in your life. You must speak what you want before it may come into existence.

Exercise 1: Try speaking your truth in the mirror

Speak to yourself gently in the mirror of the things you would like to change. “I want to change that I speak so critically of myself.” Then, talk loudly and profoundly the steps you can take to make those changes. “I, Dilean, am willing to speak to myself more COMPASSIONATELY. I am ALREADY making progress because I AM understanding that I MUST be loving to myself to CREATE the changes I want.”

Exercise 2: Singing as Sound Therapy

Singing engages natural, intuitive harmony with your voice. Sing in the mirror look into your eyes and allow whatever feelings, thoughts and emotions to flow. Or you can chant ‘HAM’ in the note of B to activate the throat chakra. (you can find many videos on youtube look up throat chakra meditations or chants)


“I speak freely and easily. I allow my voice to command what I want in my life. I feel safe to speak my authentic truth. I know when, how and what words to use when I communicate.”



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