I wonder how we may transmute our anger into positive action considering what women have been subjected to. This past week our socio-political landscape has created a wave of triggers for so many women than in recent previous years. How have you been feeling about this dialogue that seems to be finally happening in regards to the shameful treatment of women? Many other women I know and I are angry! Thankfully we’ve had women like Michelle Obama who own and use their power, come forward for us.


Last week, I attended an amazing group called Feminist Friday if you’re in the L.A. area I highly encourage you to come. Hosted by Micol Hebron (both of her sisters Tiernan and Siobhan have written for IAAH), an amazing woman whom to me was the first feminist I ever knew up close. The group is an open dialogue of sharing; we get to share as individuals and then have an open discussion that is curated by Micol. It was clear that we were all upset and saddened by Trumps latest treatment of women.

We ended the discussion realizing that we were angry. It was clear not everyone knew what to do with this anger.

When I was driving home, I realized we were missing MASCULINE energy! Masculine energy emphasizes structure, will, and ACTION! Feminine energy cultivates experience, intuition, and feelings. It was evident we were stuck in our experiences, our feelings and rarely felt empowered enough to listen to our intuition and speak our truth.

Women must own their power, calling upon the masculine sides of themselves to stimulate and direct their anger. Masculine and feminine energies need to come together for us to move forward OR perhaps we can discover together a new way of being that can spawn beyond our binary system?

THE POINT, we need to do the work!

We must listen to our internal guidance system and act. Whether that means if you see something inappropriate you speak up, you learn to get comfortable with setting boundaries. DO YOU! Focus on who you are and what energy you want to bring to the table. It is up to you how you want to enforce positive action! You matter! You CAN and WILL make a difference! What parts of yourself will you feed and nurture for the betterment of women across the globe?

Some ways to encourage our power:

I feel it’s important to plant seeds of power, especially when we’ve ignored our power!

  • Use power poses, think Wonder Woman!
  • Pay close attention to the language you use. Our words are powerful! What new language would you like to hear?
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Creating change asks you to do things differently, you can’t expect to do the same things and get different results.
  • Nurture your worth. As women, there have been so many instances where we’ve been made to feel less than, do whatever it takes to make sure you don’t believe it!


“I am worthy of a voice! I am worthy to create the change I want to see for myself and everyone around me! I am in my power and I know exactly what to do with it!”

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