Our passions vs. our calling. I believe there is a difference. What do you think?


First, I believe we have several passions. Our passions bring us explosive excitement, happiness, enthusiasm; they bring exclamations and multiple shades of joy. When we are in the midst of our passions, we feel reinvigorated, as if we were not living before and now we are re-awoken. And, these feelings, they erupt effortlessly. This lively power refills us and makes us feel whole because we are re-connected to our core being.


Our calling takes time, effort, action, exploration. This call asks us to create a practice, to nurture it, to build it. Ignoring this call and choosing not to take action bears a heavy weight. Impediments develop, distorting the call to a faint whisper, making it much easier to ignore and harder to uncover.

Choosing to answer our call brings so many awards and badges of honor. We predominantly endure struggle on our journey because risk will be involved, failures. But, following the call is reciprocal in nature because when we give ourselves to the call, it gives back. It is bigger than us. It is life, an energy of its own beyond us. So, life will rearrange itself to accommodate our calling once it is activated, constantly changing and evolving with our unique lives.

Action: And Some Things to Think About

If you haven’t already, create VALUE to your passions and your calling, as if your life depended on it! Because we all know how you feel when you don’t live your truth! Schedule in your passions and your calling because it is your work. We need you to be whole, happy, complete and investing in yourself is key; it means you’re committing to actually living. Not letting days go by without forging ahead fueling your progress. Answer the call!

How many hours a day, a week do you want to dedicate to your life’s work?

How much headway have you made toward your goals? List them and place them in a visible space. Then create new goals that will accelerate the progress you have already made.

Do you have deadlines for the things you would like to accomplish in life?

Do you have obstacles that make you feel you can’t take the time for your passions?

Identify those blocks and GET RID OF THEM! What steps can you take toward breaking these obstacles?


“I am blessed with so many talents and joys. I love myself enough to push forward actively pursuing my passions and answering my call!”

(tip: Saying affirmations in the mirror and looking directly into our eyes invokes a powerful energy. Connecting with your inner guidance system becomes easier, enabling feelings of discomfort or radiant joy to be uncovered. Then you can investigate what part of the affirmation you resonate with or have trouble with. Yay! More digging and self-development!)

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