There is a distinct feeling we get when we fulfill the needs of others. When we’re living in grace and generosity, we suddenly become useful, less invisible or imagined. We are cause and effect, a choice with an outcome and consequences of outcomes. We affect one another so much in our day to day lives; it’s hard to fathom the scope or reach of that effect. Our tiny moments and good deeds trickle down until they form a sort of web around each of our existence. Minute tendrils interlock to create a story or a feeling of our experience. What we give and take depends on us but the freedom to give freely and without expectation can fill us with Joy.


The path to your joy and happiness is not paved in intellect but emotion. We cannot see our world fully if we’re using our minds to sabotage one another, fabricating differences and obstacles to overcome. We must listen to all of our senses and see with our hearts to allow ourselves move through life with grace; An effortless representation of the love we have in our hearts.


Open-handedness is a great trait to have and way to live. Letting go of the material can open up your life to the possibility of happiness without reliance. You will no longer be waiting for something to happen or occur externally that triggers your joy. You will need only to exist to know the benefits of living in grace and generosity, consciously moving through the world.

Recognize your abundance

It can take only the span of one breath for our lives to change forever. In knowing the fragility of circumstance and life, it’s important to practice letting go of the pressure to consume and collect. When we shed our notions of ownership and wealth, we can see how abundant we truly are.  Try taking the time to focus on your breath, the sounds of your favorite place, or the feelings and sensations that evoke a positive and optimistic emotion inside you. Realize that without all your possessions you still own these feelings, memories, and sensations. The abundance of your existence exists only within yourself and what you are capable of envisioning in the co-creation of your individual story.

Living in grace and generosity

Stay in the present and accept it as your truth. It is not the only place to hold space, but it is the most vital to your joy. We don’t know what the future holds; we can’t. Staying in the present ensures that we aren’t dwelling on past errors we cannot change or loftier future problems that we may never face. Move and adapt to the current of your life, and you will find happiness with ease to it that can only come from self-improvement.

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