Good Morning My Dearest,

I was inspired to write you. To share how sincerely grateful I am to have you in my life.

You are loved and deserve to know how genuinely valuable you are. How important it is that you exist amongst all of us today.

We are all here for our unique life and particular unique purpose. Every day I am a witness. I see how you honor your personal journey. It motivates me to know you are doing your best. It pushes me. So that, I may reach new levels of growth as well.

I love that no matter what comes your way you keep moving forward. Yes, you have moments where you want to give up, and I see your light flicker, but even then you still have the courage to show up. To continue the fight even when you forget what you are fighting for. Advancing, full strides, encouraging yourself to carry on.

Don’t ever give up my dearest. You are perfect exactly as you are. What you think is wrong with you is an illusion. Yes, we all wish to change certain aspects of ourselves or strive to make adjustments or supposed improvements. It is our uniqueness that encourages growth, expansion, compassion, which flourishes to unconditional love.

Have the grace to love and accept yourself exactly as you are! Because you my dearest are everything! You have the answers, the steps you must take. Remain consistent, listen. You are being guided. You are a vessel of love; honor your rare, authentic life.

Let us call upon your greatness together. Responsibly refill yourself with your joy and your passions so we may have you as you are meant to be!

I love you and bring attention and admiration for the Goddess you already are! So mote it be.



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