It’s often a symptom of the young, the inability to accept responsibility or help. Do you own your personal triumphs and failures or are you often transferring the blame or weight of a problem onto others? With accountability, it’s important to acknowledge the heavy hand we have in how things turn out. Not acting at all is just as bad as doing the wrong thing.

It’s easy in life to let the darker emotions like envy shadow our judgement.

Many times I have let myself see someone else’s luck or happiness as my misfortune. This is a poorly focused feeling. We cannot continue to blame others for our circumstances or for what is fated to us. Sometimes it’s hard for me to feel happy for people who get something that I want. The real honest truth is that sometimes no matter what you do, you aren’t going to get what you want, this is life. But your success or failure often has very little to do with you, let alone anyone else. It’s simply how the cards have fallen.

Being accountable for ourselves means owning our mistakes and accepting responsibility for where we are in life.

It’s true, things can go wrong, and you might not be one hundred percent satisfied one hundred percent of the time, but you will always better for giving it your one hundred percent. Your circumstance remains a reflection of the effort and passion you put it.

At one time, I had close to 50 employees.

That’s a lot of personalities and a lot of human error to account for. A great employee is someone who admits to their mistakes; this is someone who will examine what they could have done better and grow from it. There were very few instances that I was forced to terminate someone who could admit their flaws. The few I did fire — the people who could never hack it — they weren’t necessarily making as many mistakes, but when they did, it was excuse after excuse. With accountability, it’s important to be self-aware of the affect you can have on others

No one will respect you if you always try to act like you’re perfect and a curated facade is not an accurate reflection of life;

It’s not real, and people intuitively see through bullshit like that. You must water your grass for it to grow. The next time you’re feeling sorry or let down, and you feel like displacing blame, instead of deflecting try self-refection. Look inward with accountability and try to come up with a little list of three related things that you can try to improve. It will make you more confident in every aspect of your life and relationships.

Being able to release the obligation and pressure always to do the right thing allows you to embrace your flaws entirely and pursue your situations in life with accountability.

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