If our heart is calling for a daily spiritual practice, perhaps what we are wanting is to create more balance between the “sacred and profane” in our lives? Are we wasting or using too much of our time on things that we do not value?

Contemporary society, especially in the West makes it easy to misuse our time. We are forced into daily responsibilities that don’t feed sacred but are necessary to participate and maintain social standing. Because of these sometimes harsh, relentless compartmentalized lives, little room is left to devote time to a more comprehensive daily spiritual practice. (Shamanism As a Spiritual Practice, Cowan).

How to Possibly Create Some More Time and Space:

  1. Come to a thorough understanding and know what you value, leaving behind what you feel you should value.
  2. Are there shifts you can make to re-prioritize your life? Find a new job, start a new career? Move to a different city, a country with a slower pace lifestyle?
  3. What EXACTLY is taking up your precious time? Are we wasting most of our time on things we do not value?
  4. What do we honor? Are we showing reverence to those things, creating the space and/or time?
  5. If not, how would you like to express gratitude for the things that are most sacred to you?

Now that you understand what you value, below are some suggestions how you can implement the sacred in your daily life; and the different ways you can honor the sacred as well as practice gratitude.

Some Ideas:

  • Honoring your purpose – Taking daily action toward your life’s purpose honors both your spiritual and physical aspects.
  • Create an altar – Build a structure that holds objects, trinkets, photos, candles, crystals, whatever you would like to honor and visit every day.
  • Collage a vision board – A vision board is like a physical Pinterest board. A collection of images that illustrate how you want your life to be. Every day animate this board by visualizing the life you want to live.
  • Establish a sacred space – I got this idea from Cameron’s The Artist Way. I assembled a gentle nest under the stairs of my room. Having a place that was a threshold to another space/time/reality was magical. Your nook can be anywhere and size doesn’t matter! Be imaginative!
  • Creating a medicine bag (also known as shaman’s bag) – This tote or pouch was carried by many indigenous peoples. It was not something meant to show off. Inside totems, items for healing, it was the sacred that wished to be held close.
  • Meditation – Is a time of spiritual listening, where your internal guidance system is heard clearly.
  • Reading – Discovering or tapping into more indigenous, primordial cultures where spirituality was imbued in their every day. They made significant efforts to revere what they felt connected to. Read what you’re drawn to on a spiritual level. Numbers? Shapes? Colors? Feelings? Nature?
  • Choosing high vibrational foods – Honoring your vessel is a spiritual practice. You take on the energy of what you eat. What are you allowing into your body?
  • Lighting candles – Create a ritual by commemorating moments, prayers, desires with a candle.
  • Affirmations – To create your own affirmations make them PRESENT, POSITIVE, PERSONAL. For example, if you are trying to discover your purpose you can say, “Everyday I am learning and understanding my purpose.”

Begin Your Practice Today:

We generally have good intentions for ourselves. But, there are times when we choose not to honor what is most dear to us. When we don’t make an effort to dedicate time and space for who we really are, impediments begin to crowd us. Veils, masks, distractions start to feel more real. We forget who we are.

You are a vast being that deserves to live the life you want. Take the steps necessary to move in the right direction! You can do it! We need you here present, powerful and aligned with your purpose!


“I am a powerful, energetic spiritual being living a physical existence and I honor everything that I am, every day. 


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