How often do you nurture yourself by doing the things you love and that bring you joy ?


Write out a list of at least 8 things that bring you joy.  I also challenge you to continue this list and write as many joys as you can.

Take a Moment for Yourself:

Hopefully, you were able to come up with more than 8!
How many times do you allow yourself any of YOUR JOYS? Often, I hope?

If you realize or notice that you don’t permit yourself your joys, start right now. Take many moments for yourself to nurture your joy, these moments are what gives you the energy to move forward in life when you may not feel capable.


  • Laughing is my greatest joy, well I cackle and really loudly too. I feel so much love when I laugh. It lights me up, gives me magical power, and boosts my confidence. Even if I’m alone, and I want a dose of cackle power, I have some greatest hits or memories that I plant into my brain. Of course, You-Tube is a great tool on hand to play a skit from a fave comedian, but I prefer to tap into the moments I cherish most in life.
  • Swinging, there are a lot of child like qualities in myself that I must nurture and swinging is one of them. I love to use my body and really feel the freedom of moving in space higher and higher. I love to jump off and fling myself into the sand.
  • I take myself on “Artist’s Dates” quite often (an exercise from the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron) – which are dates you make by yourself, the goal is to inspire yourself. To stir and activate your creativity. I usually go to Galleries or Museums and live performances.
  • Dancing. I make an effort to move my body every day. Dancing, in particular, strengthens your intuition because you are being guided how to move. You also activate the second chakra. The Hindu Sacral Chakra is an orange disc of energy that lives in your tummy area. Your sexuality, emotions, and unearthed desires live there. Awakening this chakra can reveal so much about yourself that you have forgotten.
  • Raspberries and flowers, are delicacies I often woo myself with. I feel like a Goddess when I eat raspberries; I take the time to savor them. Buying myself flowers makes me feel empowered, I hated waiting to receive something I could get myself.

What I got out of it:

Several months ago, I chose to do 5 of my joys a day. I put the list on my phone so I always had it on me and could check in frequently, making sure I was on top of filling myself! As I was nurturing my joys, I began to add more joys on my list. This dedication to myself got me through one of the hardest times in my life! Now without even thinking, I do more than 5 a day because I’m way better company to myself if I do and so worth the investment! Joy now flows to me, easily and freely.


Try a month of doing 3 of your joys a day. Make time for your joy. You are more than deserving. I recommend putting your list where ever you will see it most, and that is the most accessible.

If you haven’t written that list yet do it NOW! Immediately do two things off your list. I’m sure one of your items would only take a couple seconds/minutes of your time? A hug, a smile, putting on neon coral pants – it’s good to be specific!

Bask in your joy! Live in YOUR JOY! I’m beginning to think it is the only reason why we’re all here!


“My purpose is to live my joy!”

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