I’ve discussed before what an amazing time we are in as FEMINA, women but also as a universal collective. There is so much power building to thrusts us forward, to redefine ourselves, to lead authentic lives. This is such a gift. We are going through this transformation together. Everyday choosing who we are and who we want to be and having the energy given to us to reach new heights if we decide to tap into it.

Opening up to new identities or perhaps being in a place to let go of old confining labels creates a new perspective and how we deal with others. So what about our fellow sisters? How do we effect them as we shift and change? Can we be of service to each other as we choose our individual paths?

Whether we invite others on our path to transformation or not, everyone will feel it. A ripple effect of change will occur.

Meditate on these thoughts speak your truth as we move forward, together.

As you shift…

Can we be here for someone else? What about allowing them into our transformation?

What about saying hello to a sister, who at first may seem like a stranger?

How about complimenting a sister and sharing our truths as we feel them?

How about looking a sister in the eyes while she talks to us and seeing her as the soul she is?

What about listening to our sister and letting her speak without any interruptions?

What about asking our sister what she needs rather than giving her what we think she wants?

Have we asked our sister how she is doing today?

Are we encouraging our sister to reach her potential?

Have we entrusted our sister by being vulnerable, our true authentic being?

Are you in gratitude for our sister and what she brings to our life?

Do you show love and appreciation to your sister?


How can we show our sisters that we are here for each other? Is their transformation as important as our own? Can we come together and allow this shift to bring us closer? What about our brothers, what role can they play as we manage this immense change?



“I understand the kind of woman I want to be. I am here for myself and my sisters. We encourage one another and help each other expand to our full potential.”

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