Relationships can do just that, bind us, and sometimes in a negative way. We can bind ourselves to fantasies, expectations, ideals, ultimately whatever we choose to rule over our actual experiences. These distractions from reality keep us further from ourselves and the people we want closest. Also, further from our truth, and disconnected to what is really happening in our lives and relationships. The good news, the moment we become aware we instantly have summoned the power to change it!

Ask Yourself:

Do I exist in my relationships fully and authentically?

Are my intentions clear to my friends, partners, family, to myself of what I want and need in my relationships?

Are my relationships based in reality or am I ignoring what is happening and covering it with an illusion?

Some Suggestions:

Try looking at these distractions within your relationships as interruptions outside of yourself, rather than a concrete part of you or your existence. This shift creates a new level of awareness and distance. When we align ourselves to the present moment, we move into a place of dynamic power. This change creates a foundation that enables you to make clearer choices. You can choose how to interact with your present reality. How to show up in your relationships, rather than allowing other false illusions to take over.

This is a gift of distancing yourself. You’re allowing the interruptions in your space but directing them outside of your experience. Meaning, don’t immediately resist the argument, bad decision. Be in a place that allows these circumstances to be inspected from all directions. The trick, don’t let the upset take over, it does not define who you are. Give it permission to flow through you. No need to judge what comes into your experience, succumb to its presence. Think of it as watching clouds go by, being a witness to what comes through your space (Rumi 🙂 ). Then you are not attached to any manufactured result or limitation. You are now in a place of power, not of discomfort, to choose how you will react.

What you give your attention or energy to is sacred. Check-in with yourself, acknowledge where your energy is flowing.

Please Don’t Forget:

Give yourself the compassion and grace to integrate a new way of being. Relationships come with their set of challenges, take responsibility for what you are contributing. Own what you give attention to and feed within the relationship. You have the power to decide what kind of relationships you wish to experience.


“I am here, NOW! (breathe) Allowing everything to flow through me. I have the power to choose what I bring into my life and how I show up in my relationships.”

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