Dealing with the everyday is an extension of what is going on inside, a mirror of our internal environment. For example, if we are stressed, the way in which we see the world will be through a lens of stress. Stress then becomes the driving force of our experiences. Everyday we choose a lens whether consciously or unconsciously. This choice affects how we will approach our daily experiences, our challenges, our interactions with others.

Questions to ask yourself:

How do I usually start my day?

What lens or lenses do I choose to look through?

How do I manage my internal environment with my exterior one?

Some Suggestions:

  • Set the tone for the day ahead, do whatever it is you feel will make “The Everyday” monotony and magic easier to digest.

I begin my day with a simple phrase. “Thank you.” Thank you, brings me to a place of gratitude, honoring each new day. It sounds simple, but it can be difficult to reach a state of gratitude upon awakening if you awake immediately overwhelmed by the day ahead. I strive to feel gratitude in my bones, so much so that I usually begin to cry. If I still am having trouble, I pick out something I can connect to. Perhaps something from the day before that was special.

  • Check-in with yourself

Constantly checking in with yourself throughout the day, scanning your body, seeing if there is a particular memory ruling your day, is one of the several ways to monitor the lens or lenses you are looking through. Give yourself a moment to fully connect and be honest with yourself with where you are at any given moment.


  • Create an intention or ritual that will guide you toward the day you want to have.

I usually make a to-do list the night before. With a blank sheet of paper, I draw a line down the middle. On the top left I write, “THE THINGS I MUST COMPLETE” and I list only three things I absolutely have to get done that day. Then on the right side, I write, “THE THINGS THE UNIVERSE WILL TAKE CARE OF” (You can use God, That Which is Everything, whatever you connect to). This list is the remainder of my to do’s, anything and everything else that I want to accomplish, so it takes a while. After I write each task, I say aloud, “I now release this to the Universe!” By doing this, I let go of some the burden. I prioritize what’s important and create new possibilities for how everything else will complete itself. (This is a process suggested from The Teachings of Abraham, Esther Hicks)


At the end of the day, I simply say, “I forgive you.” This allows me to free myself and release any unnecessary expectations that I may have set. I am then able to sleep in peace and reset myself for next day.


“I am here each day fully present, filled with purpose. Everything is falling perfectly into place because I am always guided in every step. Thank you!”



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