Sometimes great challenges award us the most humbling perspectives. I surrender.

Choosing to look at the positive, living courageously. I surrender.

Knowing nothing about the future or where life will take us. I surrender.

Feeling alone and trapped by consequence. I surrender.

Wondering why and what to do next. I surrender.

Hoping things are meant for the greater picture of our life. I surrender.

May our weaknesses become our strengths. I surrender.

We will not fall, we have been here before. I surrender

I surrender to all. I am not defeated. I am not derailed by the condition my life is in at this moment. I am here now in my power ready to give up everything to the perfection that constantly flows around me. I trust all that has happened is a unique gift only meant for me. More love, more stories of my greatness are developing in these times. I am ready to walk gently, walk fiercely, walk unbound by petty upsets that do not define me.

Don’t give up. This is the moment we realize we can grow beyond obstacles. Permit us to see things as they truly are. Do not make assumptions that feed stories of defeat. What is the point of labeling parts of our lives as our collapse or disappointment when it is too early to tell?

When in trouble, this is the time to celebrate our story. Engage with life, take steps that nurture the REAL essence of who we are. Integrate the “good” with the “bad” and share our vulnerabilities, our individual paths as the treasures they are.

We can do this alone, together, at our worst moments and sweetest. Let us surrender, be humble, be unassuming to the future.


“I make my life as I want it to be. I surrender and trust that my life is unfolding exactly as it should because this is my unique story! My life! My authentic path!”


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