It seems like we spend more time getting away from our joy than allowing ourselves to live it! How are you investing your time? What are you gaining or losing from it? What are you usually aligning your thoughts with? Are they thoughts of joy, compassion, self-empowerment? Or are they thoughts of distraction, defeat,  and self-indulging suffering?


I don’t know about you, but sometimes I am the one who creates the obstacles in my path. There have been times in my life where I was completely clueless of the blatant distractions I built around me. I would be so frustrated wondering why everything seemed to feel like it was working against me. Little did I know, I was the culprit. I was working against me.

Obsessive thoughts are usually the bane of my existence. They become the parking tickets, bad food choices, ignoring my gut, forgetting to pay a bill, dealing with the REAL priorities of my life. My mind takes over, and I lose myself, my goals and my joy takes a back seat. Thankfully because I meditate, I take the time to check-in. This is how I assert my power, my obsessive thoughts become quiet and clarity kicks in. I can see through the chaos and bring myself back.


Are you having difficulty focusing on the things that matter most? Take the time to do some excavating. Are you seeing and experiencing things as they are? For example, if you have a hankering for sugar, can sugar be an indicator of wanting more sweetness or joy in your life, rather than simply submitting to your sweet tooth (Louise Hay)? How about giving yourself more joy than giving in to a craving that is just ignoring your real desire. Does this ring true for you? Take the time to investigate your thoughts, impulses, and actions.  Look at your list of joys and give yourself the sweetness of life rather than letting the “chocolate” appease you momentarily and see what happens.


“I am clearing my path to joy. My truths are guiding my steps on this journey. I can see clearly now.”

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