There are times when we need support. Life is so beautiful, sophisticated, threatening, amplifying. The ups and downs are an integral part of human experience, being your best support is essential to existence. Even when we think we have it all together, there are times in our lives when we can use some help. The tricky part, we have to ask for it.


I used to despise being a woman because I felt more was expected of us in comparison to men. As FEMINA we’re supposed to be and do everything, and sometimes these temperaments and actions can be opposing in nature. Be strong, yet gentle. Take care of everyone, yet be staunchly independent. Exude physical perfection, but appear “naturally beautiful.” Become educated, but not too much and don’t expect to be a leader or a boss either.

The point, we don’t have to take on everything on our own. It does not make us weak or less of a woman, some battles need to be fought with an army! You’re not better if you do it alone! Yes. We can do it ourselves, but the people who love us don’t wish us to suffer more than necessary. They’re not psychic though; we have to ask for help when we need it.

If a Physical Being is Absent

Every day I call upon “Wonder Woman” energy to get things done. We can command ANY energy, characteristic, archetype, Goddess to give us an extra nudge to push forward. Our words can empower us. The brain will feed and nurture our thoughts on a visceral, neurological level.


Call upon the energy of PEACE, align your thoughts and feelings on PEACE; meditate on PEACE.

Call upon THE CHILD archetype, allow yourself to be free and have fun; meditate with your inner child and give love to the parts of yourself that are asking to be recovered.

Call upon PELE, the Hawaiian Goddess of Volcanoes, who is known for her divine strength, power, and passion. She encourages the fire rumbling inside of you to push you forward explosively. She asks you to, “Be honest with yourself. What is your heart’s true desire?” (Doreen Virtue Goddess Cards)

Continuously refill yourself! We need you full, whole, and ready to take on what life throws at us!

Some Support:

In the past when I needed help the most, I’d still hesitate to ask. Especially, if I felt like what I was going through was less important than what others were going through. For some pride may be in the way, for others, like myself it may not even occur to you that most people are more than willing to help if you take the time to ask.

It is silly to belittle our feelings. We matter! Our feelings matter! Suffering is an additional choice we make. Don’t be afraid to voice your hurts if you feel called to.

Some Sources:

If you still don’t feel comfortable to ask friends for help, here are some outside sources:

  • NATIONAL SUICIDE PREVENTION LINE They also have live chat. You don’t have to be suicidal to contact them. It’s support in our difficult times when we may not have our loved ones close. You can also call 1-800-273-8255.
  • PSYCHOLOGY TODAY is a great resource to look for local therapist around your area. The magazine is also a great resource; the articles are fantastic and very helpful. You can also find articles on their website.
  • If you’re in the Los Angeles area, USC offers affordable $20 sessions from their pre-licensed doctoral students.
Whatever area you live you can always find local support. Free clinics, colleges with psych departments, meet-ups, there are people willing to help or listen.
WE ARE NEVER ALONE! JUST ASK! Call out! Reach out! Help will come; help is available. Have the courage to take a step toward your well-being and ASK.


“There is always someone who will answer my call if I need help! I am strong. I have the courage to take on my unique life. I have the assistance if I need it. I am always connected to an abundance of resources.”

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