We always have the opportunity to make a choice. We can choose to be happy. We can choose not to forgive someone… We have the choice to choose to live our life’s purpose.


Take a moment. BREATHE. Check-in with yourself. Get comfortable as you read the questions below. Close your eyes and listen to the voice within. Take your time to read each question, note your body’s reactions. You can even journal your experience and answers. Remember, that you are here in the present moment and you are safe.


What am I choosing right now?
Am I choosing to move toward what calls me?
Do I truly feel fulfilled by how I spend the majority of my time?
What can I begin to do now that will feed and nurture what I truly desire?
Do I feel joy from the choices I make?
Do I allow life to make choices for me?
Do I feel I have the support of my loved ones to take action on what I truly want out of life?
Am I choosing to live my life’s purpose?
Is there something stopping me from living the life I want?

Something to think about:

How are you feeling, what was going on in your body as you answered these questions?

Our feelings are a navigational system or an indicator to help us. You either feel good or feel bad. If you feel good, keep doing that. If you feel terrible, about a decision you made check in with your self. Talk your self all the way to the root of the issue. Question why you feel so bad, not just what is on the surface go as deep as you can. Once you reach the real issue, check in again, see if you have any intuitive downloads and go from there.

Taking some steps:

You still may not know what you are “called” to do with your life, if a calling even exists; but everyone knows what makes them happy and unhappy because you can feel it. Being conscious of your feelings is a step in discovering what you are called to do. Engaging in what makes you happy could lead you to your “calling” and perhaps being in YOUR JOY is your purpose! Making the choice to go after the thoughts and experiences that feel better and making decisions based on what brings you the most happiness will align you with YOUR JOY.


Make it easier on yourself by allowing grace to wash over you and the love you need to take the next step. You’re already on the path to your life’s purpose taking any step towards it.


“I choose what brings me joy. I am being lead to my purpose.”

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