Be gentle with yourself. Life can be difficult at times. You are doing the best you can. Create loving reminders that serve you and assist you on your journey.


I love myself into doing the things that I know make me better, that sometimes require more effort than I am willing to give. I’ve shared before that I use alarm reminders on my phone. I call them “mamacita” reminders. I get daily inspirational and supporting reminders. I am my best support and cheerleader. These reminders give me a soft nudge so I know I have everything at this moment to live my joy!

Give yourself what you think you may need to pursue your goals, your joys, your passions! Whatever it is that lights you up and brings more YOU to this planet! We need you right now!

Some Ideas:

  1. Pep talk. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, “What do I need to fulfill my life’s purpose?” There may also be things you need to get rid of. Be honest. Make a list.
  2. Kick a habit. Now that you have identified some things that are holding you back from doing the things that bring joy into your life. See if you can choose one thing to let go of. It takes an average of 30 days to break a habit. Replace your old habit with a new positive one!
  3. Meet up with a friend who inspires you. Try to set-up meetings that are weekly or bi-weekly. A time that both of you can commit to, and help keep each other accountable. You don’t have to be working on the same project, just be there for support to check-in on each other.
  4. Schedule your joy. Create reminders. Everyday at 9pm I commit to laughing until my tummy hurts!
  5. Don’t forget how much joy your joy brings you. Surround yourself with lists of you’re accomplishments, your dreams, beautiful memories, objects of inspiration. Your environment is your altar. Shape it into a place that makes you feel safe to create your joy!

I hope these are helpful! Please share what inspires you below!!

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