What do you value in your life? Values are the aspects and things that you consider important about the way you live, love, work, exist. Your values determine your priorities and act as a measure of how “well” your life is going. Additionally, is the way you live indicative of those things? This is a weighty question, I know, but try not to think of it too intensely just yet.

We often find ourselves unhappy, unhealthy, and unbalanced when our lifestyle and choices don’t support our values and beliefs.  I for one, value my health. As a result, I’m always making decisions to try to be healthier and better for my body. I don’t eat processed food, and when I do I feel like utter shit. I value loyalty and honesty in others. As such, I’m a very forthright and honest person; I present truth, and I expect the same in return. I value the time we each have on this earth; I’m always trying to be more efficient, and I hate having my time wasted. For this reason, I’m a punctual person, and it affects me heavily when I know I’ve been careless with someone else’s time.

This is all relatively measurable, right? You can see the correlation and connection between my actions and what I consider important.

The same can be demonstrated by how we interact with others. Sometimes when I’m hangry or in a foul mood, I’ll say something mean. Usually, it’s not that I’m actually being hateful or mean to someone but maybe saying mean or hateful things—all the same, if you’re on the receiving end of some shit.

It makes me feel sick, like bad under my skin. The reason for this is because at this moment my actions are not in line with my values. This is part of what makes practicing mindfulness so beneficial to our lives. Putting ourselves and our actions under a microscope allow us to make conscious decisions that promote our genuine feelings.

So what are your values? An easy way to determine what these are is to do a self-assessment periodically.  You can do this by asking yourself some qualifying questions.

At what are the times you’re most content/ happy?

Who are you with? What are you doing? What specifically made these moments or experiences unique? Was the experience shared with others?

What are the times that you felt a real connection to the work you were doing? What was it that made those things special?

When did you last feel proud of an accomplishment? Why?


Based on what you know from your answers, what are your values? If you’re having trouble identifying values/ words, you can check out this list of values.

It’s questions like these that can paint a distinct picture of what a person treasures in life— Once you’re cognizant of what your values are you can more quickly prioritize actions in your life.

Keep that which serves you and aligns with your values. Ditch the rest. It’s that simple.

We all have the right to live a life that truly reflects us. What are your values? Based on the self-assessment are you living truth?


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