Life tends to take over, and we forget to honor ourselves, our successes, our milestones. The miracles and feats we encounter and the day simply continues. How can we be so dismissive? Shouldn’t we take the time to recognize certain moments in our lives? How else will we fill ourselves back up?

Acknowledgment of our accomplishments heals and feeds who we truly are. Look for ways to love yourself, and give thanks to the experiences that have shaped you. Loving ourselves makes us feel whole and brings our best selves forward allowing more prosperity to flow.


Last week I was hit with some pretty miraculous news. I called those who are close to me, but no one answered. So, I took myself out to the movies. I was a dime. Clutch filled with treats I could eat. Curled up dead center watching one of my fave directors to celebrate.

This past couple of years I have been battling some serious health issues. Yet, I knew I was already healed. It was just a matter of permitting the healing energy to enter. How? To listen! Consequently, I attended my body. Opened a dialogue with God, The Universe, Source, That Which is Everything, whatever you want to call it, and I responded with consistent action.

In addition, my condition was always supposed to be monitored, and I was told it would never go away, which was something I was not willing to accept. I know we are all meant to be whole. My miracle was having my doctor tell me my test came back completely clear as if I never had anything, to begin with!

Remembrance Stone:

As much as I enjoyed my night out and the indulgence of sucking on a warm Medjool date as it completely dissolved on my tongue, I felt I had to do something else to commemorate my miracle.

When I finally shared the news with my best friend, “who’s the son of a preacher man,” he told me a story. In biblical times when someone had a life-changing moment, they created a remembrance stone. Like a plaque, they inscribed the stone left it at the location where the marvel took place and every time they had to pass that point they could honor where they had come from. Our beliefs are not in complete alignment but what’s important is that they originate from the same root, Love.

This idea of crediting one’s experiences as a badge of honor was beautiful to me. What better way to love the person I have become than to create my own remembrance stone?


Let us honor our successes, our miracles by making artful post-its at work, writing our blessings on special paper and furnish it on the wall. Our milestones should not be taken for granted, but elevated for making us the whole beautiful wonders we are today.

Or you can create your own remembrance stone. I went to a crystal shop in LA. My favorite is The Crystal Matrix, but they were closed. They are not on hipster radar because they are legit, yet the business has been around for over a decade! (If you want to have a Crystal Goddess in your midst speak to Laura @cosmobot)

My Remembrance Stone:

Thankfully, I found the perfect remembrance stone to hold space for my miracle. Beautiful cubic pyrite grounded in it’s matrix that I cuddled in an abalone shell.

I’ve always been in love with minerals because most encourage your spiritual attributes to be manifested into the physical realm. The way pyrite grows as a square is a metaphor for the boundaries we must set for ourselves. As I was healing, I created a “screen” of protection. I was listening to the part of myself that knew I was healed and blocked out what the physical world was telling me.

The abalone represents the beauty in the trauma I endured. These shells dance and plummet around the seas, becoming more and more polished, brighter in their iridescent maturity. On the bottom of the stone, I inscribed my miracle. As a result, it lay on my altar as a reminder of the healing power of self-love.

“She Who Heals shows us how to see beyond the illusion of finality and to celebrate each turn in the road as another step that leads to wholeness” Sams, Jaime The 13 Original Clan Mothers

Please share your feats, accomplishments, or markers! Celebrate your wholeness!

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