In the last FEMINA post, I prompted the question: What does it mean to be a woman? I’d like to open this question up for discussion because as women and men contribute to this community, I am already experiencing such beautiful shifts. We are creating a momentum of growth and expansion individually and as a whole. We are bringing more dynamic understanding the roles woman will play. As we all walk together, this platform will continue a dialogue for sharing that cultivates genuine ways of being.

Uplifting Femina

To the women who read this, I remind you that we are all sisters that share so much in common on many levels, and conversely we hold our own delicacy and divinity. It is important that as we flourish, to invite connectivity and honor to each other. Take the time to discover, observe and bring to light the distinct qualities of our fellow sisters.

To the men, do you take the time to honor the woman around you with your words and actions? Exist humbly to these divine creatures, not from flesh but from aspects that align beyond physical inhabitance.

How is the male counterpart feeling as he experiences this apparent feminine shift?


Perhaps most of us feel we don’t fit some of these roles “correctly,” meditate on the idea of letting them go. What would it feel like to get rid of the functions and archetypes such as, woman, girlfriend, daughter, sister, etc.? Instead, step into magnificence as YOU! If you are your true authentic self, then you can be no wrong. You will remain perfect as you are as you evolve to all the versions of yourself you grant yourself to be!

Though I do not wish to continue to divide our roles, I hope men feel invited to redefine their visibility. This shift is about our material forms coming together and co-creating in harmony, “as within, so without” (what we believe to be true inside of ourselves is what we recognize outside of ourselves).

We all have the power to expand and into this ever-changing experience, we call life.


“As I step into my individuality, I become a part of something greater than myself. Thank You!”

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