I believe overwhelment is a chronic contemporary problem. We’re all so busy thinking about our way too long to-do lists and still falling behind. Some of us have figured out how to be productive or move through this state while others are barley keeping their heads above water.

I’ve been processing a lot of information about this topic. Creating a dialogue and writing several posts, I hope will build a considerable amount of tools at our disposal to activate and soften an overwhelming state.


A baby step…

Let’s begin by first changing our perspective on what overwhelment can mean? Think about it and maybe journal the last time you felt overwhelmed. What comes to mind? See if you can identify any triggers or instances that created the onset or feeling of overwhelment. What is it beside your responsibilities that bring you upset and anxiety?

Can you identify any positive, active movement or perhaps what was stopping you from moving forward?

New Perspective:

I came across this quote at the perfect moment. “Overwhelment is about you not being up to speed with what you told the Universe that you want. The Universe is yielding to you. You’re just not ready to receive it right now” (The Teachings of Abraham and Esther Hicks).


If I apply this new perspective to all the times, I have felt overwhelmed it couldn’t be more true! Life was moving too fast for me. The things I wanted to happen were coming, but I needed to get this done first, then that and then I could be “ready” to receive. But the truth is, “We’re never gonna get it all done” (Abraham). Maybe it’s a matter of allowing ourselves to be apart of the flow to receive, rather than placing what we think we need to do or who we need to be to receive what we want.

How do we do that? We can TRUST that we already have everything we need at this moment to obtain what we want, that we ARE worthy to receive what we want. It seems that most “issues” or problems root from a lack of self-love or feeling of unworthiness? What do you think?

Allow for Growth and Expansion:

When we ask for anything shouldn’t we be ready to receive it? Perhaps overwhelment is about taking responsibility for our desires rather than putting the weight on the actions we feel we need to take to get what we want? If we are receiving what we want why do we still hang on to the things we think we need to do to have it?

In conclusion, what if it is about realizing that we won’t solve any or all our problems? Or that, we won’t get everything done like how we’re supposed to? And more about learning to outgrow them?


“I have everything within me to receive what I am wanting. I am ready. I am able. I am living the life I authentically desire!”



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