Have you ever tried not looking in the mirror for a day?

Men and woman spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, some more than most. I think most would agree that women undergo more scrutiny for their appearance. Yet, I sense there is a need beyond vanity to check-in on ourselves. Do you think we are examining ourselves to see if we are fulfilling the roles we want to play? Perhaps what masks we want to wear? What does it mean to look “put together?”


When I was packing for my last move, I first bundled away all the mirrors in my bedroom. For the rest of the day, I would enter my room and stare at the blank space that was a mirror. I did that over a dozen times. I seemed always to forget its unfamiliar absence. How did it not seep into my mind that the mirror was no longer occupying that space?

It made me wonder how many times I look in the mirror? Apparently, I was looking into the mirror quite frequently on an unconscious level. Why would I look in the mirror so many times? How did this daily ritual affect the relationship between how I experience other Femina (Woman), my mind, my vessel, the everyday, my joy, other people?

So many questions began to invade my thoughts. I was perplexed by the obvious need of meeting my gaze.


Besides avoiding the mirror for a day, why not use others as a mirror. I know “the self” is always looking out because that is how we typically perceive the world. Try to look at people as though it was the first time looking at anybody. Take them in. Allow them to speak as you listen intently, stare into their eyes. Meet each person with the gaze you wish to look back at you.

Please share your experience below! Also, take the time to journal on some of the questions that resonate with you.


“I see myself in others because we are all connected. I am rising to a level of compassion for the other and myself.”

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