When we take ourselves too seriously what we’re doing is asking or demanding ourselves to be flawless, faultless, inhuman.  The thing is, we are PERFECT. It is a matter of allowing ourselves to BE, to exist as we are right here right now. We are made exactly as we need to be to live the life we are meant to lead. In acceptance of the perfection we already are. So lighten up! Don’t take yourself so seriously!

Now that you know nothings wrong with you:

We are also never going to be the person that we think we ought to be.  Why would we put those constraints on ourselves? Do you want a failsafe life? To me, that is not a life worth living. I like to know that I put myself out there. That I did my best, in the moment. I’m not afraid to be vulnerable or look like a complete idiot, obviously.

And sometimes, we have to risk it all. We have to make mistakes! We need to look dumb. We have to love like we’ve never loved before. You know what is best for you, own the decision and move on. Sometimes you do things you may regret but you thought it was worth the risk at the time. That’s ok! It’s not the end of the world!

STOP trying to impress people who don’t give a cuss  and don’t take yourself so seriously!


I have super strict diets that I put my vessel on because I am using food as medicine and fuel, to heal myself. But there are those days where I want to use food as emotional comfort, and I usually ignore those days; yet, once in blue moon I just let myself do it because I AM HUMAN! I am NOT a robot! I allow indulgences and occasional. Before I would make myself feel like garbage if I didn’t militantly stick to my diet.

So the other day I allowed my self Chinese food for lunch. I made a silly adventure out of it. With a dash of shame and the the rest feeling like I couldn’t give a cuss I went incognito! It was fun, I had a great time without the guilt. And, since I didn’t take everything I do so seriously I didn’t gain any weight from the extra calories because I take care of myself 99% of the time!


Do one thing that scares you, or takes you out of your comfort zone every day for a whole week! Be silly! Take risks, put yourself out there, hug a stranger in need (always proceed with caution and discernment, especially dealing with the opposite sex, I know that’s a duh but some of us, myself included can be very naive and forget that some people have a whole different agenda going on).

Do what feels good to you at the moment. Don’t let the chance go by! Live an EXTRA-ordinary life! You deserve it!


I live my joy by allowing myself to act on my hearts desires. I am free! I am tame for no one!

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