Today is about celebrating who I AM, right here, right now; rejoicing in all I have become up to this moment. I am taking the time to engage my inner strength because the healer is strong and capable. The history I carry is what allows me to continue to be victorious.

What about all the times in my life when I got through things that seemed impossible, hopeless. I managed. Through grace, my divinity, my power, and my strengths; I have persevered.

I can push myself a little further each day because I know I can handle it! I have the proof; I have the capacity to expand beyond what I have already experienced.

I am nurturing myself every day, honoring my successes, redeeming my energy by providing my vessel with the fuel it needs to carry me forward.

Even when I feel as though I cannot endure much longer, I think back to all my achievements, big and small. IV’E GOT THIS! I take the time to realign myself when I feel low. I am my best support.

There is no power in complaining; I use today to create a new language for myself embedded with my personal strengths. I declare statements to myself, and aloud I affirm who I am.


Reactive your energy, your strengths today by stating all that you are! Look at yourself in the mirror, believe that you are the embodiment of your strength. As you let go of old beliefs and patterns that do not feed strength, you will be endowed with increased energy.

Making these declarations and affirmations is a technique in psychology called priming. Priming allows you to direct your thoughts to more positive ways of being by activating bold language. This is a method used by many great men and woman: Louise HayTony Robbins (excellent documentary on Net-Flix right now), Brendon Burchard, Marie Forleo.



“I am a witness to the many strengths and talents I possess. I take the time to encourage and honor all that I am!”




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