It’s OKAY if you haven’t. When I was writing this post, I couldn’t’ stop thinking about Janet, Jackson that is. What Have You Done for Me Lately? Besides the phenom choreo and big hair I would kill for, Janet sings of lost romantic exhibitions. Like relationships, our goals need to be nurtured to survive. Only you can figure out how to seduce and romance your goals. The paradigm of “how to reach your goals” starts with actually taking steps towards them.

And it’s not about going ‘”all in” in the beginning and thinking that’s enough to reach your goals. It takes persistence and recognition of the things you love. The amazing Tony Robbins says we tend to over-estimate what we can do in a year and under-estimate what we can do within a couple of decades! And, I always say, “Anything worth a damn takes work!” So some of your goals may require a lot of patience and future strategic planning. Build a solid foundation for your goals, create actions towards your passion. Eventually, you’ll get there.

Release the Guilt

If time keeps passing by and none of your goals have been met, maybe the goals are the problem, not you. Think of it this way, perhaps this lack of effort on your part means you have outgrown your goals? Maybe you need to revise your goals rather than make yourself feel guilty. You don’t have to start a new list from scratch, but a new perspective can give you the inspiration you need to make the first move.

Shifting to a New Perspective

If you think about it, the goals you want to attain are things you hope will bring happiness, YOUR JOY. As you review your goals, today think about what it is you are wanting. There are certain feelings you are expecting from attaining your goals. For example, you want to find a job that makes you a $100,000. When that goal is reached what do you presume it will make you feel? “I will feel a sense of relief because I will feel I have more than enough money to support me.” Whittle your goals down to the core. Then you have another idea of what it is you truly want and perhaps realize some of your goals are already met.


“What I truly want is made clear to me. I am figuring out the next steps towards my goals.”

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