Good Morning! Peaches and Vegan Cream is a yummy, clean, healthy breakfast I made for myself as my moon cycle started. For the ladies, I recommend having this day three to a couple of day after your menses. For anyone, this combo is a cooling summer meal, with digestive benefits and a generous nutrient dense profile.

This is a quick meal under 300 calories, even if you choose to add sweetener, well depending how much you add.


1/2 cup Gluten Free Quick Cooking Oats (I use Bob’s Red Mill)

1 cup “Milk” (I made my own Almond and Cashew Milk)

2 TBSP of Raw Almonds

1 TSP Chia Seeds

1/2 Peach

Need more sweetness? Jazz it up with a date or two, use the whole peach or pour a bit of maple syrup  (I didn’t add any more sugar I just chose an extra ripe peach and cut it up in pieces)


Combine all ingredients in your favorite breakfast bowl. Yes, add the Quick Oats! You are not going to cook them! If you prefer thick oats, prepare this the night before, you can always add more “milk” in the morning if it’s too heavy. And, if you have a food processor or a good blender you can pureé the almonds and peaches together, add to the rest of the ingredients.

Once you have all ingredients in your bowl, put in the fridge for 5-10 mins. You want the chia seeds to gelatinize a bit. Make an Iced Chickory “Latte” in the mean time. 🙂 (if you’re on your menses, don’t add PB2, peanuts can be too bold at this point)

Metaphysical Properties:

This meal is an elegant brew that helps restore and protect feminine energy. Take the time to smell the peach, hold it close to your face and kiss it cheek to cheek. Peaches bring in a soft, fragrant, graceful female power that makes the skin glow. Allow yourself to fully engage with the energy of all the ingredients.

As I mentioned above if you have a sensitive tummy off or on your period this meal will help. On your more aggressive cycles, try this meal as soon as your period is done to balance an overstimulated sacral chakra. In addition, keep some Blue Lace Agate close to feel its soothing and calming benefits.


“I gracefully accept my femininity and allow energy to flow through me. I am engaging with the whole perfection that I AM.”

Please share your experience with this meal below! 


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