Tomorrow, August 2nd 2016, brings the new moon in Leo! A new moon represents the beginning of the cyclical pattern of the moon’s orbit. It helps to paint a picture of what the coming days and weeks have to offer us. For this reason, it’s a perfect time to set intentions or to make a change in the hopes of healing.

Due to the growth that the new moon represents, it is ideal to use this waxing momentum to your advantage when setting an intention. The plans you set will grow in abundance with the strength of the new moon. For instance, a new moon is an ideal time to open a savings account or to get a haircut because the moon is waxing (growing in size) and is thought to aid in the actual growth of hair. Conversely, a haircut on a full moon is ill-advised due to the waning that follows it.

Leo by its very nature is creative and loving. It is a proud and passionate sign with a cheerful buoyancy to it that will prevail in the coming weeks. Another fiery sign, Sagittarius, enters Mars on the same day as the new moon. Mars has only just come out of retrograde on July 29th, so the lightness felt in the coming week could be palatable. The stabilizing aspects of Leo’s position comes as a relief, following a languid time of unease due to Mars’s retrograde.

Since fiery Leo’s rule over the heart, this may be the time to look within to heal some wounds. All of us have suffered in heartbreak in our lives. We know there is a time to wallow and a time to move ahead with gusto; this is that time. We are asked to shine bright and proud along with Leo as it dances with its ruler, the Sun.

Leo’s truth-loving nature will aid you in your journey towards healing. We cannot lie to ourselves any longer. Furthermore, Leo will allow you the courage and openness in your heart to truly manifest a lasting healing for yourself. This takes work. It’s necessary to focus on your intentions and do inner work daily to see these benefits of Leo come to fruition. Once you accept your healing with an open heart and mind, the possibilities are limitless.

Spinel joins Peridot as one of August’s two birthstones and works to soothe the blues as well as protect its owner from ill intent, danger, and harm. Working with this gemstone to help aid in healing during this month could be a welcome assist. Spinel comes in many colors and if you’re working towards mending your heart string you might want to pair a red Spinel with a Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz which will help you to find an unconditional higher love for yourself.

“When each woman honors her Self, more raw, creative energy is available to be used by the whole to effect changes in the way humankind reacts to life.” Jami Sams – The 13 Original Clan Mothers
Are you in need of healing during this new moon? Share your desire for change and growth in the comments!

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