The food we eat makes such a huge impact on our well-being. Our food also affects the lives of other people, our communities, our planet. Here are a couple of tips that will help encourage more mindful conscious eating:

  1. Pray, give gratitude or a take a moment to realize all the people involved, everything that needed to happen, to align to bring all the beautiful food to your plate. We live in a country where we are lucky enough to have a variety of food at our disposal. That in of itself is something to be grateful for.
  2. Also, take note that the food you eat has its energy as well, and you will be downloading that energy into your body. What kind of power do you want your vessel fueled by?
  3. Engage with your food as you would a good friend. Don’t look on your phone, or partake in any other activity while you’re eating. What you think about significantly affects how your body internalizes and digests your food. Be aware of what you are bringing into the mix. If you are dining out, know that whoever is preparing your food is also adding their energy to your meal.
  4. Let’s put our fork down after every bite. Take note if you thoroughly chew your food before taking the next bite. Once your done chewing, then prepare the next bite to eat.
  5. Take a 5 min break mid-meal. Give your tummy time to digest and the time to catch up with being satiated.
  6. Eat foods like you’ve never eaten them before to experience their full flavor and benefits. Take your time and honor your food.
  7. Take note of the colors of food you are craving or eating consistently. Look up what those foods are good for. Your body may be delivering a message to you. Perhaps you need to detox, get more vitamin C, etc. Also, the colors have a meaning of their own. You can aresearch that as well relating with the colors of the chakra system.
  8. If your body is craving a whole food (carrots, pineapples, basically all fruits and veg), you can trust it.
  9. Create a journal for your vessel. Write how certain foods affect you. Do you feel bloated after eating? Do you get headaches after eating certain foods? Are you noticing certain cycles your body goes through?
  10. Bless and encourage your body in all of its stages of eating and the changes it goes through. Our bodies need nurturing as well.


“I am concious of my body and its needs. I am whole and perfect exactly as I am.”






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The food we eat makes such a huge impact on our well-being....
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