Our tribe is so closely tied to us that sometimes it’s hard to distinguish ourselves from them.  They’re our ride or dies, our human home.

Not everyone is blessed with finding a Tribe, not all of us come across our niche. Sometimes it’s that we’re in the wrong places at the wrong times. Or perhaps, when you’re shy or hard to get to know, it’s easier to live in isolation. Often, we expect to take something different from and experience, not realizing that we needed these people more than we could have imagined.

We flourish when we are around our like-minded sistren. This is a simple fact which hs been practiced and demonstrated by humans for ages.

We lift one another up. If we are people of the bush, then we all defend the bush. If we are sisters of the sky then damn it, we light that shit up.

There is no doubt that all our human experience and accomplishment is a direct result of our ability to work together.

At the root of our success in droves is our tendency to desire the same things. We have the potential to share a single vision and see it through to the end. Every person’s experience in life contributes in some way to the well-being or foundation of the Tribe. How successful you are or aren’t is the sum of many parts.

Over the years I have come to realize something about who I let in my life, I always knew they would be someone to me. Sometimes, when I meet someone, I get a feeling, this attraction I guess. It’s similar to Deja Vu, and it causes me to pay extra attention to the individual. I know inherently that this person will play a larger role in my life in the future.

It’s odd because usually, the situation gives no indication that I’ll see the person again. It’s been acquaintances I’ve met at parties in passing while it’s also been a barista at a cafe I’d never been to before. There is something that sticks out. I can’t give reason to how the fleeting moment triggers something in me that says “pay attention!” Like it or not, though, every time I can trace back my first impressions to this feeling I get, a silent and deeply buried kinship.

Over the years, I’ve built a tribe of my own. Co-creators that light up my life. I’m an introvert at heart, and it’s not always easy for me to open up to people, but with my Tribe it’s different. It feels natural. I am not fearful of this intimacy or bearing my soul, who I truly am.

So, who is your Tribe? Does it consist of friends and acquaintances, or do you find kinship in colleagues?

Whoever they are, be grateful for their presence and impact in your life. It’s important to have a sense of belonging and intimacy with other human beings; it keeps us feeling calm and supported on our numerous and varied intertwining paths.


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