Finally after years of lifting — with little calisthenic work — I’ve decided to commit to a 90-day Bikini Body program. The program is heavily based on circuits and body-weight exercises. Today I’m ending my 2nd week of the 12-week program.

I found out about this program from my friend who got married in November. We’ve always sent each other encouragement in regards to fitness, so when she sent me the info for the program I knew I had to check it out!

I’ve been striving after my own version of a bikini body for some time now. My focus is always to be comfortable in my own skin. While I welcome conversation regarding women’s body issues and the media, etc., I have a wedding dress to fit in! The status of my fitness or bikini worthy body is for me to determine, no one else. So while I might be in better shape than others, I’m entitled to want to improve. To want to witness the fruit of my labor.

The program was developed by Kayla Itsines, who is a super young and bubbly Australian trainer. Her BBG guide has taken the fitness world —and Instagram — by storm! The results many women are getting are pretty impressive. You can find it all on Instagram under #BBG #kaylasarmy and Itsine’s website.

The routine is made up of 2 circuits a day, which are 7 minutes each. You do them back to back for 28 minutes with 30 seconds of rest in between. There’re cardio and other things involved, but I can’t give too much away! Grab a friend, get the program and do it together!

It’s soooo hard! Conditioning on this level is tough, but your body adapts quickly. Don’t be afraid or discouraged if you feel like it’s impossible after the first day. I think everyone feels that way, but it’s very doable. If you’re having real trouble, then start with the 4-week pre-training that’s included in the plan. The pre-training will help to condition your body and mind for the demands of the Bikini Body Guide program.

Throughout this process, I’ll be posting my progress. I subscribe to Itsine’s app—which includes recipes and a meal plan—but I won’t be using those.

Instead, I’ll be eating five small balanced meals a day because I’m comfortable with my routine and menu. I’m going to attempt not to drink alcohol at all either during the process, except my bachelorette party.

Here’s my before picture 😐


FullSizeRender 25

Stay tuned and let us know what plan you’re doing for your bikini body — fitness — in the comments!

***Just FYI also, this is not a sponsored post. I like sharing my journey and success with others, especially women. Unfortunately weight loss and especially fitness, in general, has this sort of shroud of mystery over it. Either you have the tools to create necessary change or you don’t. These posts are my attempt to give you the tools. I need this.


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