I feel it’s important that I flesh out and unpack what I mean exactly by our motto “I AM A HEALER, AND I BELIEVE YOU ARE TOO.”  Since you are now a healer yourself, I want us to know our place in the fabric of this community.


The word healer holds a lot of weight. I chose healer to focus specifically on the action to make whole. We are not broken nor do I believe that we are missing something. I AM A HEALER is a declaration to bring harmony to us as a collective and understand on every level that nothing is wrong with us! We are whole beings exactly as we are at this moment. Self-love and acceptance are imperative and a must to exist as a physical being. If we desire to bring any change outside of ourselves, it begins with us first.

What are we up against?

I believe the world we live in today inundates us with messages that make us feel unworthy. These messages try to convince us that we are not enough. Constant implications of how we should change who we are to become something we are not with the threat that if we don’t we won’t be received.

Unless we love and accept ourselves fully, we are faced with a daily scrutiny that can eventually wear us down. Distractions are every where. Every day is a choice to go up against all that defies us. It almost feels as though we are waging war just to be simply. These messages rarely ask us to forge to higher levels. We must take it upon ourselves to command movement and expansion with in ourselves.

What does it mean to affirm that you are a healer?

You are declaring to the world that no matter what you are going to fight to be you, by staying whole and speaking your truth at a core level. Those who try to define us will be ignored, and we will have the strength to stand our ground.

Together we are learning to integrate who we identify ourselves as, who we are and who we want to become. We are taking in all parts and making decisions that sustain us towards our goals. As we continue our individual paths of self-love and acceptance we ask that you bring your personal callings to the surface: YOUR JOY. How are you going to contribute to this planet, your country, your city, your community, your friends, your family, yourself? That is up to you!

We are here to support your endeavors and help push through THE EVERYDAY obstacles, discuss THE TIES THAT BIND US and if they serve us or our greater purpose. Contemplate the kind of FEMINA we want to be, birth or be surrounded by in this world. Bring YOUR JOYS out into the world to serve a higher purpose. And how we can fuel and maintain YOUR VESSELS, so you have the mind, body, and spirit to sustain the Warriors we all are! 

How else can we contribute to your journey? Please comment below!


“I am a healer! I am whole! I am an individual that is a part of something greater than myself! I am ready to realize my full potential.”

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