In the face of Resistance?

Resistance comes and goes. It creeps; It intervenes. It is persistent. We all know this. So perhaps then we have no excuse to let it stop us? How do we deal with resistance? Why do we allow it to break us down? To threaten our spirit if we all know it is around the corner? Is resistance stopping you from doing what you love? Why not command ourselves to carry on?

Is there a path of least resistance?

I don’t believe anyone has cracked the code of knowing how one can conquer or annihilate resistance. I think we all can agree that resistance will always play a role in our lives, much like everyday problems. A solution is to allow the opposition to “do its thing,” and we push through it by creating and committing to a practice. A practice allows you the grace to carry on, showing up, doing the work is a method that allows resistance to come and go, not leave you for dead. 

A Practice?

Going to the studio, or any place you can take over, even of for a couple of hours: that can be a corner of your room, the park, your favorite coffee shop. But at 8 a.m. sharp or 8:00 p.m., whatever clock suits you or time you can dedicate, to BE there, to be present is the time you are committing to your goals, your art, your passions. That is a practice.

Just show up

As long as we practice showing up, we’re letting resistance know that we’re prepared. Sometimes that will mean staring at your bass for an hour or taking 10 minutes to write one word. Not to worry, inspiration will come too. There are gifts to a practice as well. When we show up, the ugly and the beautiful show up as well. We have created a sacred space for ourselves, a place that is safe to receive and all we have to do is allow it to flow, and we can command what it will do to us. There will be days war will be waged and days where time does not exist, but it all starts with showing up.


“I am here. I commit to showing up for the things that I love and that bring me joy. I am allowing all the gifts of the process to flow with ease. Thank You!”




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