Since I have an Italian in my life to tell me straight up this is not pesto I put it quotes. This is my vegan version of pesto and I think it is pretty yummy!


When you purchase ingredients try to get Organic as much as possible. Wash/clean all ingredients when necessary. And most importantly, have fun, cook in peace and love for yourself!

This should make around a cup or so of “pesto.” Enough for 4-6 servings of pasta, depending you you eat. I recommend on 2 TBSP per servicing of pasta. If you are cooking for one, I’ll give you some ideas for the rest of the pesto.

  • 8 whole cloves of garlic
  • 1/8 cup cashews
  • Half a lemon (my friend Micol suggested this :), it’s what makes it!)
  • 1/2 cup olive oil (so important to get high grade, extra virgin, cold pressed oil)
  • 1 cup of basil
  • Himalayan pink sea salt
  • Black pepper

How to:

First, sauté garlic in a bit of olive oil on low-medium heat until translucent and set aside to cool. In a food processor or blender add cashews, garlic, olive oil, lemon, basil and salt & pepper to taste. Pulse (switch off and on if you don’t have this level) until everything is chopped up, then blend on medium to high to make ingredients nice and creamy. If for whatever reason you have no movement in the food processor or blender you need more liquid, just add tablespoon of olive oil.

“Pesto” Suggestions:

Your pesto is ready to go… you don’t need to cook it, store it in a jar. It should last for a couple of days refrigitated.

  • Pasta around 2TBSP per serving
  • Put in your scrambled eggs or omelette
  • Use it like a dressing on your salads
  • Marinade for vege, fish, meat, poultry or a dressing
  • Put on sandwiches
  • Put on toast or crackers
  • Put in soup
  • Put in mashed potatoes

Health Benefits:

…because the food we put in our bodies should serve us

  • Garlic amazing for your immunity, to fight Candida, cardiovascular health
  • Cashews a handful a day helps ease depression
  • Lemon amazing for the liver, gives it a break, great energy booster
  • Basil is very high in Vit K – essential for internal injury repair
  • Olive oil is a healthy fat in moderation, good for internal inflammation
  • Pink Himalaian sea salt helps keep body alkaline
  • Black pepper provides congestion relief

Metaphysical Properties:

All these ingredients combined create an elixir of energy, a strong connection to the physical body and a desire to let go of a small irratant that may allow you to enjoy the little things in life with ease. Take the time to listen to what your vessel is communicating while you eat. Share with people and see if any feelings come up as you eat in awareness together!

Would love to hear your experience of my HOLY MOLY “PESTO” and the different ways you got to enjoy it!


“I feel a zest for life that enlivens me!”

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