Living a life of gratitude is a message frequently discussed and for good reason. When gratitude becomes a daily practice, your life instantly changes.

What exactly are you doing when you are living a life of gratitude?

You are sending a message to yourself, your life and the people around you that you are ready to receive! You are creating an access point to receive MORE! Why? Because we are all energy. And what we say and think has its energy. When we think a negative thought, we feel the energy of negativity. When we choose to think a positive thought, we feel the energy of positivity. Our vessels are in harmony with the energy we call in and it works to keep us on that level. How do you want to feel? Begin with a thought, are you closer to how you want to feel? Choose the thoughts that inspire the feelings you want to feel.

What does being grateful initiate?

Gratitude amplifies our true desires. When we focus on what we are thankful for we begin to identify the flood of blessings we receive every day, which is perhaps closer to our desires than we think. When we are not grateful for what we already have it keeps the focus on the not having ______. When we “pivot,” or shift to an “attitude of gratitude” it opens your perception to honor where we are right now at this moment. A change may unveil possible truths, blessings that may not have been detected hidden from a view of lack or scarcity.

Your job may not be ideal, but when you are grateful for having a job blessings you hadn’t connected to come forth. The people you work with are very talented, parking is super easy, your free to focus on something else rather than your problems for a couple of hours… whatever your blessings may be, meditate on that! Align yourself with what feels good about your “not so ideal” situation and you will begin to look at your job very differently. It begins to activate other ways of experiencing which may allow you the grace to move you toward your ideal line of work.


Gratitude is a practice that keeps on giving. It makes us feel good. It brings us more. We devote ourselves to the present moment, and all life is providing. Taking time to appreciate blessings is honoring life. Not only focusing on the “good,” allowing life to flow freely without judgment of any given setting to benefit from what emerges through adversity.

Look at a particular decision you made in life. What did you learn? Did you take responsibility for that decision? Did you discover things you never realized about yourself? These lessons are something to be grateful for and will give you a deeper understanding of who you.

There is always something to be grateful for. When life is difficult it becomes difficult to feel gratitude, but the blessings are still here. When we are overwhelmed, it is as if we are in a fog not able to see life for what it is. Everything is then filtered through difficulty. Take a moment to be honest with yourself and distance yourself from the upset. YOU are not the difficulty, allow it to flow through you and pass so that you can come back to dwell in the precious and valuable treasures that are all around you!

Take Action:

Start your day by writing or saying a couple of things you are grateful for. Feel the feelings of gratitude, fill your heart with gratitude, then let it vibrate to every cell in your being. Allow yourself to be amplified by the energy of gratitude you send through your body. Try it for 10 days and see if you begin to notice any changes. Do you feel lighter? Has your general attitude improved? Are your breathing deeper? Less stress?

Please share your thoughts and comments below!


“My eyes truly see all the blessings in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…”

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