How do we function within the gender binary? This has been on my mind a lot lately in particular due to the struggles I see our trans community facing. The gender binary is a classification system (and concept) consisting of two genders, male and female. Each one person is defined as being one or the other. In general, our gender roles and the gender binary have served as part of our social structure from occupations to our personal lives. This structure has had little to do with actual science or a Y chromosome and more with being able to suppress or oppress one gender.

With more research, biologists see an overlap of the characteristics of each sex. The dichotomy of male and female isn’t doing the trick. The fact of the matter is, we’re all a little bit male and female to varying degrees. Gender is not a binary, it’s a spectrum. This begs the question, has the time come to abandon the gender binary? Why limit ourselves any longer with — what some would consider antiquated — labels of male or female?

How do we redefine our social structure to include ambiguity and even the definitive ‘other’? Can we do so by not drawing attention to gender at all?


Finding balance in our human energy can propel us to become our best selves. We should not find shame if we relate to one — feminine or masculine — the other, or all at once. I struggle with gender in my spirituality and feminine, and masculine energy is what I  see in my work. That said, I also believe in that other energy. That we have evolved past just needing the feminine, the masculine, or both. That maybe we are everything and nothing at once. Our capacity to understand and relate to one another is limitless.

We may be selling ourselves short by adhering to a binary gender system that is not inclusive of what our species is going through. What we truly need is an inclusive system that accepts all genders. So would the only distinction then be “birthers” and “non-birthers?” Furthermore, what about drag?! 

Drag pokes fun at the gender binary and our stereotypical gender roles. With the binary being destroyed as we know it — and scores of people in the LGBTQ2S community objecting to use of the gender binary — will drag shows be forced to get with the program and renounce the system? Or will they simply include extremes of each gender?


How do you find a balance between your dual energies? Do you think we should subscribe to the gender binary?

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