Being in a bad mood is okay! Really. It’s totally fine that we’re not happy 100% of the time. Our mood will change every day. Having periods of low attitudes, even depression is normal, clearly when those moments culminate to days, months and years some serious action must be taken. But, I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about when a day goes from good to horrendous and it sends us down into an “Everything is wrong with me” tailspin. Or an “Of course that would happen to me!” “Why today?” and on and on…

The moment we start that incessant chatter is when we tell ourselves we are not in control of the situation. We are choosing to suffer rather than take the initiative to change our current mood or experience. It is so much easier to convince ourselves that we have no power and that we can’t implement change.

Allow yourself to feel the feelings you need to so you can move passed them. You’re upset probably for good reason, but you don’t have to stay there. Sometimes eating a pint or maybe even two of ice cream is necessary. But, clearly not the best solution!


Begin by taking small measures to move into another direction.

  • Check in with yourself: Sit for a moment marinating on the multiple solutions out there and start aligning yourself with solutions that feel the most helpful.
  • Integration: Have your mood attune to the bigger part of you that is whole and not completely controlled by your current state.
  • Calming yourself: Remind yourself that you’ve been here before, and you will find a way out again. When your overwhelmed try saying “It’s going to feel really good when I figure this out!” (Teachings of Abraham, Esther Hicks) You’re not dramatically trying to change your mood, your leaning into a new one.

Some possible solutions, my favorites:

  • Just sitting quietly and breathing, resets you, giving your brain a break from thinking unhelpful thoughts. Let your thoughts pass by like clouds in the sky; you don’t have to pay attention to them or give every thought your energy.
  • Have a nutritious snack like a green juice, an apple or a handful of raw almonds for some quick energy and a reminder to your vessel that it is loved.
  • Write in a journal to flesh out your thoughts helps release them. You can even burn the pages afterward and watch the flames dissolve your worries (be careful with this one, use good judgment – I have a dedicated heat safe container).
  • Find a nearby park to go swinging.
  •  I blast Justin Timberlake and transform into his beloved backup dancer.
  • Tapping,, may sound strange, you tap several points on your body it helps me move through my emotions without ignoring them and honors what I am going through.
  • I buy myself my favorite flowers.
  • I count my blessings and name them aloud. I usually begin to cry because an overwhelm of gratitude and forget what I was worried about.

Take a moment to nurture what feels like the best idea; you know what your personal barriers are and what motivates you. Have a list handy that you can put in your pocket or car that has your favorite pick me ups, adored memories, things that make you laugh, to help bring you back to a state that is more manageable.

Keep your focus on what is going right in your life and know you have everything you need to shift your bad mood to better one.


“My moods change like everything else. I am free and willing to change as I move into a higher state of being.”

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