Do our days add up to an existence where we are thriving or surviving?

I believe we are ALL meant to thrive, so if we are just struggling to get by, how can we live a life of abundance and fulfillment?

A life of the bare minimum:

Only taking care of your bare needs will keep you in survival mode. Our lives have to consist of more than just making ends meet if we want to live life fully. I don’t mean making enough money to buy frivolous things we don’t need. I mean living everyday knowing that you are safe, taken care of, that you have the freedom to live life authentically and most importantly that you truly feel that you are LIVING!

Identify What’s Holding You Back:

What are we waiting for exactly? Is there something keeping us from thriving? Do we feel we lack something to allow us to thrive? Do we feel unworthy? Are we choosing to hold back?

We know there is more in us to give. Are we stuck in a life that has become repetitive and full of activities that distract us rather than fill us? Why would we allow ourselves and our loved ones to be less than what we know we are capable of? What is missing to push us forward into our greatness? Is it confidence, trust, hope? Do we think we need certain things to allow us to do what really want with our time? Do we think people/friends/family won’t accept us if we choose to do things differently?


What is it? What’s holding us back? – Take a moment to identify it. Write down everything you can think of that is holding you back from living an abundant life.

If you’re still having trouble imagine this… One day you wake up and you realize you have all the money in the world. What would you do differently knowing you were financially abundant? Would you be more demanding of what you wanted? Would you speak differently with people?

Perhaps when you identify money could give you, you may understand what believe you are lacking? Confidence, power, decisiveness, security? What kind of value do you place on money? Or do you place your values on money? What is your relationship with money? Is your idea of what money is, besides an exchange of currency for goods, holding you back from truly engaging with an abundant life beyond financial security?

How can you give yourself the things you feel you are lacking? What are some steps you can take today to push your self forward? Do you need to change your relationship with money?

Write at least 3 things one baby step, one leap, one free fall… How can you organize these powerful steps into your life daily? Can you do more?

Please feel free to discuss or share below… Let’s help each other thrive!

Also.. one of my favorite teachers posted to his YouTube channel a somewhat similar message yesterday – perhaps this message is needed for more to hear! Feel free to add this to the conversation as well! SURVIVAL IS NOT ENOUGH by Sadhguru


“I am ready to live a life of abundance. I am doing everything in my power to focus on truly living at every moment.”

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