Let’s be honest, dealing with a transition is fucking hard. Whether it’s a change you’ve decided to make or something unexpected that life has thrown your way, transition is inevitable. In order to deal with this, we must surround ourselves with those who are a reflection of our ideal outcome. What I mean by this is that if you’re trying advance your career or you need to accomplish certain goals to maintain a relationship, you should surround yourself with people that have similar goals or lifestyles.

Unfortunately, we all have those friends and influences in our life that can bring us down. Maybe it’s coming from a purely emotional level (being around them is a downer) or maybe they bring you down in a measurable way by feeding your insecurities or bad habits. For example, I’ve had many friends in my past who would say they supported my choice to quit smoking. These were often the first people to bum me a cigarette if ‘fiend-me’ asked! This did not serve my highest good, and it took a long time for me to understand and accept what it meant. It’s simple; Misery loves company.

When it comes to those closest to you, you absorb their negative energy. Being a receiver of other people’s baggage and bad vibes is a natural thing, considering that most of us are relatively unguarded around the people closest to us. As they wallow in sadness or self-defeat, they’ll cling to you; subconsciously keeping you on their level for as long as possible. You need to cut the cord from these toxic relationships. It is not your duty to fix anyone. You must strive towards the vision you have for yourself. No person that surrounds themselves with dark and negative influences can be impervious enough to rise above it all.

Oftentimes, advancing your life comes down to cutting out the things that no longer serve you. This allows you to continue down your path and this transitional phase for yourself with those who enable your good habits. The law of attraction tells us very clearly that “like attracts like.” We’ve all heard it. During a transition, it’s paramount that you put these best practices to good use in your life. Invite abundance, success, and prosperity IN!

I challenge you to take some time to focus on what new transition you might bring into your life. Now is an ideal time for a clean slate. Cutting off old ties can be one of the hardest things you do in your adult life, but it can be the thing that brings you the most personal power. It’s difficult to become who you want to be—who you truly are—if you’re always surrounded by people who remember who you were. We don’t always like the people around us to change. It can be a big reminder that we aren’t advancing ourselves, this is one reason why starting a voluntary transition can feel alienating. You won’t always have the support you thought you would. 

Release yourself from the boundaries and limitations of who you used to be. The opportunity to become your best-self lies directly in front of you.

Who or what is an obstacle in your life? How will you transition?

Tell us in the comments!

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