This year’s summer solstice coincides with a full moon, bringing with it some strong solar and lunar energies.

The longest day of the year, this solstice has always been a celebration of the light. The darker, colder months are behind us and now we have officially stepped into the time of year that the light dominates the night. The sun and moon have represented the dualities of our nature since the beginning of complex thought and language. Traditionally the sun represents the divine masculine while the moon the divine feminine. During this time, you might find your dual energies calling to you, in a song of balance.

This is a time to give thanks for the blessing of our sunrise and sunsets. As the moon wanes and the sun chases it across the sky, reflect on the light inside you and how it mirrors the energy and ability to nurture you like the sun does the earth.

Our full moon is in Sagittarius! The fiery energy of Sag in combination with the summer solstice make it a great time to start anew. The constantly evolving energy of Sagittarius means this a great moon for planning and introspection into the future. Adventure and travel will also satisfy Sag’s thirst for change and freedom.

How will you welcome the bounty of the sun during this solstice and the independent, restless energy of Sag?

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