Are you living your life on purpose, with intention?

I have shared in other posts that I believe our purpose is to live our joy. I also believe that part of living our joy is embracing who we really are. Accepting ourselves as whole beings with our light and dark and the many other shades in between that make us, us. Living everyday authentically and completely conscious of what energy we are emitting out into the world. Taking ownership and responsibility for that energy is crucial. But manipulating that energy just to “save face” has a completely different energy that comes with it. The intention is to hide parts of you and that’s where curating only certain aspects of yourself can be poisonous.

Have you curated another version of you that doesn’t exist, or that’s ONLY the good?

I think it is very beneficial to feed the aspects of yourself that you truly love and bring you happiness. Yes! DO what feels good!

Ignoring certain aspects of your life or self that are very real and perhaps not your best is the extreme other end. Hiding those bits, I believe, can create a trickle affect of unconscious injury: fear of living authentically, issues with, not feeling connected to others…

Today it is very easy to hide what we do not want others to see, highlighting only certain aspects of ourselves that we deem as more appropriate or what we perceive as the best versions of ourselves is the curated life. Facebook and Instagram are the perfect platforms to depict a life that we are not truly living or that allows us the function to deny the many other shades that mostly make up who we truly are.

How do WE keep it real?

Being vulnerable is a great way to keep it real. Perhaps, your’e someone who is very private and uses FB and IG specifically because you are in complete control of who sees what. I’m a little skeptical because I believe that desire can also bleed into your personal life. Why do you want to hide in the first place? Are you curating a brand of just a small piece of you? All the time? Why wouldn’t you always want to be yourself?

I want to make it clear that I am not advocating that you post images of you crying in fetal position with an empty pint of ice cream. Or that being a private person is a bad thing. No need to go to extremes. I just want to understand why the curated life is so common and if we as a society feel this trend should change? For OUR higher good.

Last note:

I like to invest my time wisely. In the things that bring me closer to who I am, not further. I’ve never been the type to give a little of myself. I am pretty much all in from the get go. I do it because I am comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable. Maybe to instigate the change I know we all want to see in the world, to accept all the suffering that’s been happening around us, we must unveil our own suffering. To be as real as we can, to not curate another personality and engage with our vulnerability on a human to human level.


“I come openly and whole to all those around me.”


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