…because no one else really knows what you are truly capable of.
Know your worth, because it’s exhausting playing small.
Know you’re worth, because being someone else is too much work.
Know your worth because you need to believe in you.
Know your worth because the world will be a better place with you authentically in it.
Know your worth because regardless of what you believe you are worth it!

You are worth everything. You are worth your full attention!

…Know your worth!

Because, you’re the one that gets you out of bed when all you want to do is sleep! You’re the one that chooses to smile even though your heart may be broken. You are not hiding how you truly feel, but recognizing the pain, allowing it to flow through you.

You are consciously choosing the thoughts that guide you closer to where you want be. You’re the one that truly inspires you to do anything and everything!

You are worth what your soul is demanding of you! And you are completely capable and totally ready NOW to show the world and yourself! You don’t need to wait for anyone’s permission to be who you really are! You have everything you need right now because the first step is you; conjure her in. Be your true authentic self and realize the power you already have. Allow yourself to simply be. Trust that the you you are striving to be is already apart of you! Let her out. Feed her. Be vulnerable and pursue what you truly want to do. Activate the change you want to see – every step counts. Be your best support. Be patient. Fall in love with the process because it is apart of who you are.


So we can know it too!


“I am understanding my worth. Keeping my eyes and ears open for opportunities that bring the best parts of me forward. Thank you!”

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