Following your heart, easier said than done, am I right? Your hobbies don’t pay your bills, do they? Maybe they do. Maybe they should, and that’s the whole point. Focus on doing a little at a time while keeping your options open. If you’re like me, maybe you’ll just go “all in” in the hopes that it will all click together. My point, mostly, is that sometimes it’s hard to even to follow a schedule, let alone your heart. It becomes so monotonous trying to navigate the world of our creation that, by the time we realize we’ve created a monster, it’s just kind of like, “Heart? What heart?! I barely remember what I have to live for, let alone what I love.”

Can you see the huge fucking problem with that? We have got to pull ourselves up and out of this terrible thing that we’ve done to ourselves. There is no reason why our intuition has to be pushed so far down into ourselves that we can’t tell when or if it’s even working! What we mean when we say “Follow Your Heart” is, “Follow No Thing At All.”

Think not of ‘us,’ think not of ‘them.’ Think not of ‘it’ or ‘that’ or ‘was.’ Take a step in the direction you would go if you were stripped down of all obligation outside of yourself. Not ‘you to him,’  ‘you to her,’ or ‘you to them.’ Do you know what your heart sounds like without all the extraneous bullshit clogging the airwaves? Most of you probably don’t. You might only be realizing it as you read this, or this truth might have pointed you to us, to begin with.

There are three obstacles to following your heart:

1.) Knowing your intuition.

Be in tune with yourself! Meditate so that your subconscious and conscious minds are aligned and

2.) Acting on it.

Give yourself a chance! Next time your gut tells you something, listen. Give it a try and see where it leads you. You have all the answers inside of yourself already.

3.) Trust.

Trusting that your intuition is helping you to keep moving forward toward your highest purpose and grow your greatest strengths.

We must stop trying to convince ourselves that we are here to serve someone else. We might be helping to drive someone else’s vision or purpose by staying in a dead-end job. We might be serving someone else purpose by continuing a dead-end relationship. Perhaps it’s not that we’re serving anyone else’s purpose at all — it’s certainly not a negative trait to enjoy helping others — but merely that we aren’t paying enough attention to ourselves!

Intuition is not unlike dreams. It speaks in a language only we as individuals understand, to our personal truth, a silent way of communicating and of reaffirming values and morals. Don’t turn blindly to the red flags your subconscious throws at you. If nothing else, think of the numerous times that your intuition was correct. I’ve had the regret of not listening to myself, and instead going with the norm or pulling out altogether.

Next time you feel that tug in your chest and your gut, reflect on the message you are trying to convey to yourself. Go forward to live your purpose.

Are you following your heart? Tell us in the comments about a time you took a leap of faith and were glad for it.

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