Today, we are living in a beautiful time, space, reality. Its significance is powerful and special because young girls, women, “femina,” are beginning to speak openly of their personal experiences. We are sharing our thoughts and stories freely, when perhaps before we didn’t feel as comfortable. We are speaking our truths, owning our value and commanding attention. Platforms are being developed and fostered every day.

This is the time to redefine what it is to be a woman. Women are magical creatures that embody creativity, love, community, intuition; we’re vessels that conjure harmony and whatever else we choose to nurture. Do we want to continue to tell the same story of who we are through the eyes of patriarchy? To be quite, to be polite, to not get angry, to submit our bodies to the male gaze and the myriad “corrections” we must undergo?


I personally have had enough. I don’t wish to tell that story anymore. This patriarchal, fabricated story is missing me. I am not quiet. I can be rude to some and lack tact. I’ve been called a feisty Latina many times by white males of all ages, which aggravates more than you will ever know – because guess what, I’m not feisty; I’m just confident and not afraid to speak my mind.

But, I have allowed men to berate my body for as long as I have lived, which has made me question my self-worth and femininity. There is no reason why I should ever question my self-worth or gender because of my body. I should not feel less than because I have not met someone’s B.S. idea of beauty. I understand that some people believe that beauty is a preference. I personally don’t believe that. If you are incapable of finding or experiencing beauty in every person that you meet, then you are in for a very superficial experience of life that lacks a great deal of intimacy and depth. I feel sorry for those who look only to their preferences as a guideline for beauty.

I now make it my responsibility to surround myself with people who love and accept me as I am now, at this moment. I have made the decision to not invest myself in inauthentic relationships any longer.


“I embrace the individual that I am with love and honor.”


How do you define being a woman?
What can you begin to do today to invest in that “story?”

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