When you feel like you’re drowning, it’s easy to lose sight of the surface. So quickly we are overcome by the hugeness of our problems and sorrows. They seem to dwarf everything else, the weight pushing us further and further down. You sink deeper and deeper still. The light can seem so far away.

We have to understand that how we deal with these moments are our personal journey, our own story to tell. I’m not here to tell you that you need to get over it and buck up, that’s not my place. I’m only here to let you know that it is possible. When life seems as though it cannot get any worse, I find it helpful to consider the broader reality. I’m not talking about third world problems or counting your blessings. That is much too self-indulgent for this purpose. You already know things could get worse, you don’t want to even think about it actually.

You are part of a much bigger picture than just your material world. Your job, your possessions, your stress. When you feel like you’re drowning, try picturing yourself floating in space. Past stars and planets alike. Think about how very small and insignificant you are. Those troubles are even smaller still. You will not look back on your life as you approach its end and wish you had made that payment on time, or that you hadn’t spoken your mind. You will wish you had taken that trip that you skipped because you thought you were being responsible. You’re going to miss the sea breeze on your face and wonder if you still have time to see the Great Pyramids of Egypt.

It can be such a powerful practice to remember your times of struggle when you find yourself struggling once again. Sometimes when I want to throw my face into a pillow cuz life it terrible, I think back to a time that was also like this. A time when I was so wrapped up in my emotions and my ego that I couldn’t see that there would be a resolution. Everything has a resolution. It might not be what you want, but it will come. Eventually, almost everything gets set to rest or tabled. Having the endurance to weather the storm, to keep your sights on the surface, this builds innner strength and integrity. We all have our “cross” to bear. 

Don’t wish you had more time. Instead, focus your time now – your most precious gift – into investing in your existence. Yes, we all have mouths to feed, you cannot ignore your obligations, but don’t forget to feed your soul as you get mixed up in the whirlwind of life on Earth.

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