We are made of both light and dark energies. This duality that lives within us can sometimes be interpreted or labeled as the “good” and “bad” aspects of ourselves. The shadow self is generally considered the “bad” parts, the unwanted, the parts we’d prefer to hide. I feel that these labels can be a disservice, creating an unnecessary amount of turmoil and stress. When you are in the process of dedicating more awareness and consciousness in your daily life having a different perspective on your light and shadow selves can make all the difference, allowing integration of your full self to expand and grow.

I believe we are all in a time of expansion and growth. The past couple of years as a collective we’ve undergone many shifts that are calling us to bring our best selves forward. Since we are talking about our light and shadow selves, I want to clearly say that feeding our best selves does not mean ignoring the shadow; I believe it’s quite the opposite.

This time that we are all entering together is making our light grow brighter. As our light grows brighter the shadows emerge and make themselves known, a contrast that no longer can be ignored.

Facing the shadow empowers the whole self. Embracing these attributes will bring many gifts your way.


One of my shadows is that I can be extremely judgemental. Years ago when I admitted this truth to myself, I made a concerted effort to stop feeding the desire to judge people. That doesn’t mean I have completely erraticed this compulsion, what I realized was that my soul was asking something of me. I faced my shadow and asked myself some authentic questions that I wanted answers to.

The first question I asked was simply “Why?” My intuition spoke clearly and loudly, as if it was waiting for this moment for far too long. “You are a healer, which means you must learn compassion.”  Of course! Having the courage to face an aspect of myself that I wish didn’t exist, was one of my greatest and most memorable moments of growth.

Now when someone treats me in a way that may seem to be unfair, I know that I can’t take it personally. That person may have learned that morning that their only friend is moving far, far away. And on top of that, they may have no idea how they are going to pay rent. So now I try to approach everyone, no matter what their demeanor, as if they learned the worst possible news that morning. I bring my light into the situation with compassion, while keeping my shadow aware of what’s really being presented, allowing quick judgments to naturally dissipate.


Bring your whole self to the world every day, in every moment. We need the real you! We need to bring our best self forward and that means all our parts.

When you see anybody today, look at them as though it was the very first time you met them. With new eyes, living in compassion, human to human.

We all have experienced so much suffering, let’s be compassionate to that fact that we all share.


“I bring my whole self forward, my duality works for my higher purpose and has a place in this world.”

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