Conjure her in. I don’t want you to call upon anyone else, no idols, no Goddesses, no celebrities. Conjure her in.

The woman that has created her spirit within you because she’s awaiting your permission. Conjure her in.

Lead today with your strengths, your power. If you can’t define them. Conjure her in, this part of you will remind you.

If her voice is too small, feed her. A healthy, sensual meal. Five more minutes of sleep. Ask for the things you’ve been wanting, find it within yourself to be deserving.

Excite her with music, intuitively moving the body. Caress your body as if it were your lovers. Seduce yourself, gaze at yourself, deeply know thyself.

Conjure her in. Slow everything down. Calling her to lead the way.

Be playful. Look deep into the eyes of those you speak to. Whatever it is she wants, conjure her in.

The part that is your deepest knowing. The instincts you ignore. Conjure her in.

Release the scars, the bad relationships, the sorrow, let them be outside of you as you conjure her in. They are not what holds you back as you call her in.

Tell a new story today that is authentic to you that awakens the dark, the light. Your whole presence is what you are calling in.

Conjure her in…


“I give myself permission to conjure her in. I go deeper today by calling her in.”

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